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Best home lockers in India

Best home lockers in India
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If you are looking for a secure way to protect your valuables at home or in the office, investing in an electronic safe is a wise choice. With the increasing need for security, there are several options available in the market. To help you make an informed decision, we have researched and compiled a list of the best electronic safes in India. Our ranking criteria include factors such as security features, capacity, ease of use, and customer reviews.

How we do our research

We conduct extensive research by analyzing customer reviews, expert opinions, and product specifications. Our team thoroughly evaluates each product based on its features, performance, and value for money. We also consider factors like brand reputation, warranty, and customer support.

Our ranking criteria

1. Security features: We look for safes with advanced locking mechanisms, such as motorised locks, digital keypads, and override keys.
2. Capacity: Safes with a larger capacity are preferred as they can accommodate more valuables.
3. Ease of use: We consider safes that are easy to operate and have user-friendly interfaces.
4. Durability: Safes made from high-quality materials like steel are more secure and long-lasting.
5. Customer reviews: We take into account the feedback and ratings provided by customers who have already purchased and used the safes.

Features comparison:

ProductCapacitySecurity FeaturesPrice
Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro 15 Litres Digital Safe15LMotorized Locking Mechanism, Override KeyB07TFD2THQ
Lifelong LLHSL03 8.6Litres Home Safe Electronic Locker8.6LMotorized Locking Mechanism, LED LightB0B2SHV3NT
Gobbler Digital Electronic Safe Locker/Box for Home and Office23x17x17 cmDigital Pin Code, Double Deadbolt LockB089GXMWBX
Amazon Basics Digital Safe with Electronic Keypad Locker51LElectronic Keypad, Heavy-duty ConstructionB078K2YPRW
Ozone Safe Locker for Home10 LitreMaster & User PIN Code Access, Auto-FreezeB0B1B6TGRB

Our Top Choice: Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro 15 Litres Digital Safe
Its reliable security features and ample storage capacity makes it our top contender. With a motorised locking mechanism and an override key, this safe ensures maximum protection for your valuables. The 15-litre capacity provides enough space to store important documents, jewellery, and other valuables. Additionally, it comes with a 1-year warranty, making it a trustworthy option for home and office use.

Best Performance: Amazon Basics Digital Safe for Home with Electronic Keypad
This locker offers superior performance with its heavy-duty carbon steel construction and pry-resistant concealed hinges. It features a programmable electronic keypad for secure and easy operation. With a capacity of 51 litres, this safe provides ample space for storing important documents and valuables. The backup key ensures access in case of emergencies.

Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro 15 Litres Digital Safe


A digital safe with a motorised locking mechanism and a 15-litre capacity. It offers ample space to store valuables and comes with an override key for emergencies.

key Features:
  • Motorized Locking Mechanism
  • Override Key
  • 15-litre Capacity
Secure locking mechanismLimited colour options
Ample storage capacity

Lifelong LLHSL03 8.6Litres Home Safe Electronic Locker


An electronic safe with an 8.6-liter capacity and an LED light. It provides secure storage for important documents and valuables.

Key Features:
  • Motorized Locking Mechanism
  • LED Light
  • 8.6-liter Capacity
LED light for easy visibilityLimited capacity
Compact size

Gobbler Digital Electronic Safe Locker/Box for Home and Office


A compact safe ideal for storing small valuables like jewellery and cash. It features a digital pin code and a double deadbolt lock for enhanced security.

Key Features:
  • Digital Pin Code
  • Double Deadbolt Lock
  • Compact Size
Compact and portable Limited capacity
Double deadbolt lock for added security

Amazon Basics Digital Safe with Electronic Keypad Locker

Amazon basics 51 L

This has a capacity of 51 litres, making it suitable for storing larger valuables. It features a programmable electronic keypad and heavy-duty construction.

Key Features:
  • Electronic Keypad
  • Heavy-duty Construction
  • 51-litre Capacity
Spacious storage Limited colour options
Durable construction

Product Info


A compact and secure option for home use. It features a 10-litre capacity and offers master and user PIN code access. The auto-freeze mode adds an extra layer of security.

Key Features:
  • Master & User PIN Code Access
  • Auto-Freeze Mode
  • 10-litre Capacity
Compact sizeLimited capacity
User-friendly PIN code access

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How do electronic safes work?
Electronic safes use a digital keypad or biometric authentication to grant access to the stored valuables. They often come with override keys for emergencies.

2. Can electronic safes be mounted to the wall or floor?
Yes, many electronic safes have pre-drilled holes for mounting to the wall or floor, providing added security.

3. What happens if the batteries of an electronic safe run out?
Most electronic safes come with backup keys that can be used to open the safe in case the batteries run out.

4. Are electronic safes fireproof?
Not all electronic safes are fireproof. It is important to check the specifications of the safe to determine its fire resistance capabilities.

5. Can multiple users have access to an electronic safe?
Yes, many electronic safes allow for multiple user PIN codes to be programmed, providing access to authorised individuals.

Investing in an electronic safe is a reliable way to protect your valuables at home or in the office. Consider the security features, capacity, and ease of use when choosing the right safe for your needs. Our top choices, the Godrej Security Solutions Forte Pro and the Amazon Basics Digital Safe, offer excellent security and storage options. Remember to prioritise your specific requirements and choose a safe that meets your needs for maximum peace of mind.

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