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Best backpacks for gaming laptops in India

Best backpacks for gaming laptops in India
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Gaming laptops are bulkier than regular laptops since they have heavier components under the hood. If you have to carry your laptop regularly, then it is a smart choice to get a backpack made for a gaming laptop. Backpacks for a gaming laptop have better padding and should be comfortable when you carry the laptop on your back. To help you backpack for a gaming laptop, here are the best options available on Amazon.

HP Odyssey BackpackThe HP Odyssey backpack is said to be made with scratch and weather-resistant material shields against everyday spills and bumps. It comes with two grab handles that are located on the top and center front panel and claim to be durable. It features an adjustable sternum strap that stabilizes the unused space and a gusset strap that reduces the space.The HP Odyssey backpack has a thick mesh-covered back panel padding and wide air channels that should offer comfort when you carry it.

Lenovo Legion Recon BackpackThe Lenovo Legion backpack is said to be made with a lightweight material that claims to withstand daily wear. For storage, it features quick access compartments and an added loop for glasses. It has a dedicated slot for keeping a laptop up to the size of 15.6-inches. It also features a large compartment where you can keep other gaming accessories like a mouse or microphone.The Lenovo Legion backpack has a sleek and modern form that should offer everyday comfort when you commute.

Dell Gaming Backpack 15”The Dell gaming backpack claims to fit most laptops up to the size of 15-inches. It has enough storage space to store your essentials. It has a cylindrical and unstructured shape that can help commuters carry the bulk of their items comfortably, You can also keep other gaming accessories like mice, controllers and headphones.The Dell gaming backpack is a suitable choice for gamers who are looking for a bag for daily usage.

ASUS TUF Gaming BP2700T backpackThe ASUS TUF Gaming backpack claims to have a water-repellent and scratch-resistant exterior that lets you carry your laptop and other gaming accessories comfortably. It has strong webbing that should offer additional carry capability, with stitched loops for hanging your gear. It has a large capacity of 18 litres and a 17-inch laptop can fit comfortably.The ASUS TUF Gaming backpack features an adjustable chest strap that should keep the backpack and its contents safe and offers comfort through padded shoulder straps.

Dell Gaming BackpackThe Dell gaming backpack claims to keep your laptop and other gaming hardware safe with its hardy EVA moulded front shield. It has a foam-padded interior to protect your gear from bumps, other external elements that can damage them. It features a spacious main compartment to store your gaming accessories and a dedicated compartment to store the laptop.The Dell gaming backpack can be a suitable choice for commuters carrying Dell laptops.

Asus ROG BP1501The Asus ROG BP1501 backpack has a stylish, gaming-inspired design along with cyber-text patterns at the front. It features a quick-access exterior pocket where you can keep essential accessories. It also has a ghost chain for better security. It has a large mesh back for comfort.The ASUS ROG BP1501 backpack has a total capacity of 16l and lets you carry laptops with sizes up to 15.6-inches.