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Best dishwasher for home in India

Best dishwasher for home in India
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If you are looking to buy a dishwasher that can reduce the workload of washing utensils, we have a list of the top picks for you from Amazon.
To avoid the hassle of standing and washing utensils, investing in a dishwasher is a good decision. Equipped with efficient and effective technologies and functions, a dishwasher can be considered an essential appliance that makes the job easy and comfortable. Available in different sizes with different place settings, choosing the right model that suits your requirement and budget is not an easy task. From countertops to free-standing, we have curated a list of the best dishwasher options below.

How we do our research
Our ranking criteria

We look for features, functions and designs of each dishwasher to help you choose the best one and make a worthy purchase. We consider the build and mounting type of the dishwasher to ensure durability and comfortable usage. Also, we look for the operation type and installation. Apart from this, we consider user ratings and reviews.

Things to look for while buying
When buying a dishwasher, there are certain factors that one must consider. One should look for the capacity, wash cycle options, programs, place settings and more. One should look for functions like temperature control, steam function, sensor technology and more. Also, one should look for a dishwasher that is compatible with different types of utensils and offer effective cleaning.
DishwasherFeaturesCapacityProduct link
Hafele Aqua 12S, Stainless Steel Freestanding DishwasherLow water consumption12 Place SettingsB07Y38617Y
Elica Dishwasher5 wash cycles12 Place SettingsB01MZ3UGAY
Godrej Eon DishwasherDigital display8 Place SettingsB09NDSB7JK
Bosch DishwasherGlass protection technology13 Place SettingsB07JW58P2C
Faber table top DishwasherEnergy-efficient8 Place SettingsB08T1N76SS
IFB Hot Water Wash Freestanding DishwasherSteam drying12 Place SettingsB00LASF4S4
Faber 12 Place Settings DishwasherEnergy efficient12 Place SettingsB08HW2LQXP
Voltas Beko Table Top DishwasherInbuilt heater8 Place SettingsB07NF7NHSN
LG Wi-Fi DishwasherMulti-motion spray14 Place SettingsB07Q2PFV8D
Bosch DishwasherPowerful motor13 Place SettingsB07JW77MVJ

Hafele Aqua 12S Freestanding Dishwasher

Large Capacity

The Hafele Aqua 12S Freestanding Dishwasher comes with 12 place settings that offer high capacity and offers several wash programs such as half load, glass care and more. It comes with a low consumption mode that can clean the utensils in just 11-litres of water. The racks and spikes in the dishwasher are coated with nylon to prevent scratches on the glassware and crockery.The dishwasher from Hafele is a good option if you are looking for a dishwasher for big families.

Hygiene wash with less water consumptionInstallation
Soft touch hold for delicate utensils

Elica 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

First Alternative

The Elica 12 Place Settings Dishwasher sports a simple design that makes it easy to integrate it easily in your kitchen. It comes with support for 5 wash cycles – 1 hour, Intensive, Eco, Quick, and Soak. This allows you to customize the wash based on your needs. It uses hot water of up to 70-degree Celsius temperature to eliminate up to 99.9% germs and bacteria.This dishwasher from Elica offers a wide range of features, including soft touch controls, leak-proof design, and drying dishes after washing.

LED display
Half load capacity function

Godrej Eon Dishwasher

Anti-bacterial filter

Compactly designed, this dishwasher from Godrej is a suitable option for small families with 1-3 members. It features 7 washing modes to ensure effective cleaning for different types of utensils. The eco-wash mode helps save energy and 8 place settings make it a perfect option to clean many utensils in one wash. The dishwasher also features an anti-bacterial gasket plus a self-clean mode to prevent bacteria and maintain hygiene. You can also use the delay function to start washing as per your requirement.The compact design makes it a perfect option to fit into almost every kitchen.

Multiple wash programmes
Energy and water saving

Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher SMS66GI01I

Popular Pick

The Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher is suitable for households with up to 6 members and comes with 12 place settings for the utensils. It offers 6 wash programs and is equipped with an EcoSilent drive that ensures high cleaning efficiency while maintaining the power consumption.It comes with a half load feature that allows you to reduce the wash time.

Additional cutlery box for extra space
Quick cleaning

Faber table top Dishwasher

Eco Wash

This dishwasher from Faber comes with 8 place settings and six wash programmes to offer deep cleaning of different types of utensils. It has a 90-minute wash cycle to clean the utensils. The self-clean feature helps maintain hygiene. Also, it is a good option to save energy.It features a delay start function that helps you schedule the cycle as per your requirement.

Self clean Adjustable shelf
Schedule start

IFB 12 Place Settings Hot Water Wash Free Standing Dishwasher


This dishwasher from IFB comes with 12-place settings and 8-wash programmes to offer effective and deep cleaning. From sturdy utensils like kadhai to delicate crockery, it is a perfect option to clean different types of utensils. Also, it comes with a steam dry feature that helps easy drying of the utensils.The dishwasher features adjustable racks for easy loading of utensils.

Quick washToo heavy
LED indicator

Faber 12 Place Settings Dishwasher

First Alternative

The Faber 12 Place Settings Dishwasher comes in matte black colour with minimalistic design. It comes with 6 wash programs built in – Intensive, Self Clean, Eco, 90 Minutes, Glass, and Rapid. This dishwasher supports a 12 place setting and is suitable for up to 6 members. It consumes up to 10-17 liter of water depending on the wash program used. It heats water up to 69-degree Celsius and promises hygienic cleaning.This dishwasher from Faber stands out for its minimalistic design and a feature-rich package.

Schedule function for delay start
Hygiene cleaning

Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher

Budget Friendly

The Voltas Beko 8 Place Table Top Dishwasher is suitable for small families and comes with 8 place settings that can fit up to 96 dishes at once. It offers 6 wash programs, including a Mini 30 Program for a quick wash. The intensive mode uses powerful jets and 70-degree Celsius water to clean the utensils.It is compact in size and comes loaded with features, making it a very good option.

Powerful water jet for intensive washPrice
Eco mode to save water and electricity

LG 14 Place Settings Wi - Fi Dishwasher

Quad wash

This dishwasher from LG offers a capacity of 12 place settings, making it a best-suited option for families with 6-8 members. It offers 9 wash programs and features a quad wash mechanism that ensures high cleaning efficiency. Equipped with multi-motion sprays and high-pressure jets, this dishwasher effectively cleans the utensils.It has an easy loading design and has a quiet operation.

Multi-directional rotationCostly
Easy loading

Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher SMS66GW01I

Second Alternative

The Bosch 12 Place Settings Dishwasher SMS66GW01I is suitable for families with up to 6 members and comes with 12 place settings. It offers 6 wash programs and features a digital display to control the device. It comes with a half load feature, allowing you to save water and time when the dishwasher is not fully loaded.It comes with an Intensive Kadhai option that is perfect for washing Indian utensils.

Cleans greasy and oily utensils effectivelyExpensive
Smart sensors

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