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Best energy-efficient front load washing machines

Best energy-efficient front load washing machines
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Front-loading washing machines are generally more water and energy efficient than top loading washing machines. Apart from this, they are durable and also tend to offer better washing performance. To help you buy an energy-efficient front loading washing machine, here are the best options available on Amazon.

LG 8kg Front Loading Washing MachineThe LG washing machine delivers six motions of wash that should ensure gentle handling of clothes and clean them efficiently. The motor attached to the drum reduces the noise and vibration. It is equipped with a heater that can heat water up to 60-degree Celsius to remove tough stains. It features a waterproof LED control panel making it more convenient for use.The LG front loading washing machine has an 8kg capacity and can be a suitable choice for efficiently cleaning your laundry at home.

Samsung 6.5kg Front Loading Washing MachineThe Samsung front loading washing machine features a diamond drum that claims to prevent damage to your clothes with efficient washing. It has a ceramic heater that prevents water scale deposits to build-up in the machine. It features wash modes for cotton, wool and delicate fabrics. The quick wash option helps you save time while giving you clean laundry. It is said to offer quiet but powerful performance with its inverter technology.The Samsung Front Load Washing machine claims to deliver efficient washes while saving water and energy.

Bosch 8kg Front Load Washing Machine (WAJ2846SIN)The Bosch washing machine has an anti-wrinkle feature that washes gently while making your clothes easy to iron. The EcoSilence Drive motor it features claims to reduce the heat and wear while delivering long-lasting performance. It comes with an anti-bacteria programme that can give you fresh hygienic clothes.The Bosch washing machine is loaded with features that can deliver efficient cleaning.

IFB 6KG Front Loading Washing MachineThe IFB front loading washing machine is said to deliver cleaner laundry with its Aqua Energie feature that dissolves detergents better. It is equipped with 15 wash programs and has an express wash option to clean lightly soiled clothes in a quick time. It claims to remove allergens and give you fresher clothes, making it ideal for homes with kids. It comes with the option of adding laundry during the wash cycle.The IFB fully automatic washing machine promises to be highly efficient and is a suitable choice for home.

IFB 7 Kg Front Loading Washing MachineThe IFB washing machine is said to feature a dynamic wash system that can soak clothes thoroughly and clean them better. It has an express wash feature that is ideal for washing lightly soiled clothes. The floating ball valve helps drain out while saving the detergent for the next wash. It is said to monitor the voltage fluctuations and prevent damage from high-voltage.The IFB washing machine features 11 wash programs and you can save them for future use.

Samsung 7 Kg Front Loading Washing MachineThe Samsung washing machine features a digital inverter motor that is said to last long. The Hygiene Steam it features is said to improve the cleaning quality of the wash. It features a Diamond Drum that is gentle on clothes. It comes with a Quick Wash feature that can give you cleaner laundry in 15 minutes.The Samsung washing machine provides silent operations and comes with a child lock feature.