Best fire extinguisher for car in India

Best fire extinguisher for car in India
Fire accidents do take place, well, that’s the harsh reality! Just like we all ensure that our residential buildings and office premises have proper fire safety arrangements, we also need to pay attention to our vehicles, just in case there is a fire situation. Cars can catch a fire for reasons such as production defects, design flaws, the potential for oil or fuel to ignite, leaks in the fuel tank, faulty batteries, engine overheating, and leakage of motor oil, coolant, or transmission or brake fluid. To counter, we suggest being prepared beforehand and as a safety measure invest in a good fire extinguisher.

A fire extinguisher in your car will help you prevent a fire hazard even before the fire engines arrive. Ideally, an ABC dry powder type fire extinguisher weighing up to 2kgs is best suited for small cars. We’ve compiled a list of the best fire extinguishers for small cars that would keep you and your family prepared and safe.

HappeStop Aluminum Flame Retardant Fuild Portable Fire Extinguisher,500ml, Red(Set of 2)

Best fire extinguisher for car in India
This set of 2 fire extinguishers is perfect to be placed in your car as its compact size fits in the bottle holder of your car or can be mounted on the inside wall of your car. Its special extinguishing formula is flame retardant, non toxic, ozone friendly and safe for the environment. The portable size of the containers make it an ideal choice for every car. Each can has a capacity of 500 ml. Set of 2 With Special Extinguishing Formula

Eco Fire ABC Powder Type 1 Kg Fire Extinguisher (Red)

Best fire extinguisher for car in India
Be prepared to handle any unprecedented fire situation with this ISI marked 1kg fire extinguisher. Effective for all types of fire, this ABC dry powder type (stored pressure) fire extinguisher is multipurpose and reliable. This is also certified by ISI, ISI, ISO,BIS & CE. Comes with 1 wall hook and 1 discharge nozzle.

Safe Pro Fire Stop Car and Home Fire Extinguisher (Pack of 2)

Best fire extinguisher for car in India
Perfectly sized for your small car, this set of 400ml & 500ml fire extinguishers, has a non toxic formula that works efficiently on extinguishing a fire. Handy in size and the fast speed of extinguishing a fire together make this set of 2 perfect to tackle a sudden fire incident. Durable and long-lasting, the convenient size makes it easy to place it in the bottle holder or even mount on the walls of your car. Efficient with Fast Extinguishing Speed

Eco Fire ABC Powder Type 2 Kg Fire Extinguisher (Red)

Best fire extinguisher for car in India
If you like to be extra cautious and also be well-prepared, we suggest this 2 Kgs ISI certified fire extinguisher. Though it can be placed in a small car, this one is more suitable for mid to slightly larger cars. Certified by ISI, ISI, ISO,BIS & CE, this ABC dry powder type (stored pressure) fire extinguisher is effective for all types of fire. This is multipurpose and has high impact. More Safety with its 2 Kgs Capacity

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