Best Gaming Chair in India

Best Gaming Chair in India
With gamers spending long hours on their gaming set-ups, it is important to keep a check on the sitting position and posture, hence investing in a gaming chair is a wise choice. A gaming chair is essential as it keeps the gamer away from fatigue and provides comfort to achieve the best as a gamer while supporting your neck and back. When choosing a chair under a budget, it is important to see the comfort features like an adjustable backrest and armrest and a lumbar cushion. To help you buy a chair for a comfortable gaming experience, here are some of the best options available on Amazon.

How we do our research
Our ranking criteria

We consider each chair's features, including size, maximum weight capacity, design, functions, material and more. Also, we consider the price and user ratings.

Things to look for while buying
When buying a gaming chair, one must look for some key aspects to ensure a comfortable seating experience. One must look for a chair that has a long back to provide support and comes with an adjustable height and tilt mechanism. Also, one should look for a chair that offers multiple support and comfort features like an armrest, retractable footrest, headrest and more. Keeping price and durable material in mind is also important.
Gaming ChairWeight withstand CapacityFeatureProduct link
Green Soul Beast Racing Edition Ergonomic Gaming ChairUp to 120kgSwivel wheels for easy movementBuy On
Kepler Brooks Gaming ChairUp to 150kgArms width adjustmentBuy On
Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series S Multi-Functional Ergonomic ChairUp to 120kgBreathable fabricBuy On
CELLBELL Transformer Series Ergonomic Gaming ChairUp to 125kgAdjustable heightBuy On
SAVYA HOME Apex Crusader XI Ergonomic Gaming ChairUp to 140kgEasy tilt mechanismBuy On
CELLBELL Transformer X-Series Gaming ChairUp to 125kgAdjustable backrestBuy On
BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming ChairUp to 120kgRetractable footrestBuy On
Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming ChairNot mentionedCushioned seat for comfortBuy On
Green Soul Raptor Racing Edition Ergonomic Gaming ChairUp to 120kgSturdy buildBuy On
Cosmic Byte CB-GC-02 Mysterious Gaming ChairUp to 136kgMemory foam neck pillowBuy On

Green Soul Beast Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India
Green Soul Beast is built with premium PU leather and breathable fabric that provides good airflow while you use the chair. It comes with many features that can be adjusted as per your needs. The armrest is adjustable in three dimensions, the height of the chair is adjustable and you can also recline the back. It comes with lumbar support for your back and a head pillow. It is a viable option for gamers who spend extra hours on their desktops. Green Soul Beast is a comfortable option for a gaming chair.
Breathable material
Adjustable backrest
Ergonomic design

Kepler Brooks Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India
Made of premium quality material, this gaming chair from Kepler Brooks provides durability and can be considered a good option to use. It is a comfortable chair that comes with neck support, adjustable height, padded armrest, retractable footrest to support legs and thighs and more. Designed with a high-density sponge, padded spring and cushioned pad, the seat ensures comfortable seating. The chair has an ergonomic head and is suitable to be used for multiple functions. The chair is easy to assemble and a good option for long-lasting usage.
360-degree swivel for convenient movement
Waterproof seat cover
Durable and easy to assemble

Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India
Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) provides long hours of comfort while you are gaming or working. It has a heavy-duty metal build and comes with an adjustable armrest that is made of PU material. It has a spacious seat and comes with a lumbar pillow to support your back. It is made with breathable fabric which enhances the airflow so there is no heat buildup as you play for long hours. It comes with a padded neck pillow that can be used as a headrest as well. Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) is the ultimate gaming chair that provides both durability and comfort.

Multi-functional design
Adjustable height
Metal base for durability

CELLBELL GC01 Transformer Series Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India
CELLBELL GC01 gaming chair comes with a large seating area where you can sit comfortably. It is made with PU leather which is highly durable and gives a premium feel to the chair. It has adjustable features like height, armrest and 90 to 155-degree back recline. It is easy to install and has a weight capacity of 120kg. It is easily movable when required as it comes with 360-degree swivel and smooth castor wheels. Cellbell GC01 is a sturdily built chair that has optimum features for gaming.
Removable neck pillow for comfortHigh cost
Recliner mechanism
Lumbar pillow for support

Savya Home Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India
Apex Crusader gaming chair is a multi-purpose gaming chair that is a good option for daily office work as well. It has a large seating area and a weight capacity of 140kg. The base is made with strong metal alloy and it comes with a heavily padded back and seat cushion. It features a lumbar support cushion and a headrest pillow which are both removable as per your needs. It has a 180-degree reclining back and an adjustable armrest. Savya Home Apex Crusader XI can give you a pain-free gaming experience with its PU leather cushions cover and heavily padded cushions.
Soft seatingMaterial
Easy assembly
Easy lock-tilt mechanism

CELLBELL Transformer X-Series Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India
Made with durable PU material, this gaming chair from CellBell provides air circulation while seating. It has an easy installation process, and it comes with an adjustable armrest and a reclining backrest to help you sit comfortably as your game or work through the day. It has a race car design and comes with a headrest pillow and lumbar cushion to support your lower back. The chair provides stability while gaming and has a weight capacity of 125 kg. This chair from CellBell is a suitable option to consider for both gaming and working at home.
4D adjustable armrestExpensive
Ergonomic design
Stylish design

BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India
This gaming chair from Baybee is a multifunctional chair, making it a good option to consider. The chair features a USB cable power supply massager that can be switch-on from any USB port. The 180-degree recline mechanism helps you take a break and relax comfortably. To ensure comfortable seating, the chair is designed with thick foam padding, an extended footrest, and wing-back support. The ergonomic design of the chair provides comfort and support.
Ergonomic designCostly
Full-rest backrest recline

Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India
This chair from Drogo is a suitable option for gamers as well as office workers. The chair comes with multiple features like cushioned headrest, recline function, lumbar pillow, retractable footrest, adjustable height, adjustable armrest and more to offer comfort even while sitting for long durations. The sturdy construction of the chair provides durability and long-lasting use. The chair features a 180-degree recline function and an adjustable height mechanism( up to 10cm) to offer comfortable usage as per the requirement.

Recline function for comfort
Cushioned headrest

Green Soul Raptor Racing Edition Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India
The racing edition ergonomic chair from Green Soul is a perfect option to consider for those who spend a long time playing. The PU leather upholstery and moulded foam seat and back provide breathability, and comfort and ensure you maintain a good posture. Also, the chair is designed with a butterfly mechanism that lets you recline the chair up to 155-degree. The chair features a racing seat design with thigh support ensuring comfort, even playing for long durations.

Provides comfort and supportHeavy
Adjustable and removable lumbar pillow

Cosmic Byte CB-GC-02 Mysterious Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India
Another option to consider while looking for the best gaming chairs is the Cosmic Byte mysterious gaming chair. The chair has a heavy-duty metal base to provide durability. The memory foam pillow, lumbar pillow and moulded foam seat and back of the chair provide support and maintain posture while sitting for long durations. Also, it comes with a 3D armrest in which you can adjust its height, and position as well as rotate it around its axis. The 360-degree swivel wheels make it convenient to move the chair. The backrest tilt mechanism of the chair (90-degree to 165-degree) lets you tilt as per your requirement.

Adjustable height
360-degree swivel wheels

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