Best mop for home in India

Best mop for home in India
We all like clean sparkling spaces, but when it comes to cleaning and mopping, it’s not exactly a favourite pastime. On the face of it, mopping seems simple - all you need is a bucket of water and a sponge / cloth to clean the floor. What makes it tiring is the sheer physical work and energy that goes into it. Choosing the right mop depends on basic things like the shape of the mop, size of the area that needs to be cleaned, flooring type and added features such as a bucket, refill mops, etc. With hectic schedules and fast lives, basic mops have evolved and been replaced with some functional types so you can mop effortlessly in less time! To help you choose the best mop for cleaning, we have rounded up some top picks from Amazon.

How we do our research
Our ranking criteria
While curating the list of the best options for mops, we consider certain factors that ensure convenient usage and effective cleaning. We look for features like a rotating head for easy movement, high absorbent tendency, an extendable handle, durability and more. We also consider the user ratings, reviews, brand and price.

Things to look for while buying
When buying a mop for a home, one should look for the design and weight to ensure comfortable usage and movement. Apart from this, one should look for the adjustable height handle, bucket size, absorbing tendency, sturdy design and more. Also, to make a wise decision, one should consider the type and specifications of the mop.
MopFeaturesItem weightProduct link
Scotch-Brite 2-in-1 Bucket Spin MopEasy rinsing1kg 300gBuy On
Gala Twin Bucket Spin Mop180-degree rotating handle2kg 400gBuy On
Spotzero by Milton Royale Steel Wringer Spin MopExtendable handle2kg 480gBuy On
Prestige Clean Home Plastic Magic MopHigh water absorbent2kg 870gBuy On
Spotzero by Milton Prime Spin MopMultipurpose use2kg 400gBuy On
Gala e-Quick Spin MopHands free wringer2kg 500gBuy On
Presto! Spin MopSoap dispenser1kgBuy On

Scotch-Brite 2-in-1 Bucket Spin Mop (Green, 2 Refills)

Best mop for home in India
Equipped with 360 degrees telescopic handles, features like adjustable height with built-in quick lock, this bucket mop makes it super easy to clean every nook and corner of your home. Available in a peppy green colour, this set is made of plastic and has a twin bucket spin mop for easy wringing and rinsing. The microfiber head is made from super absorbent cotton and works both for wet and dry needs.The detachable handles with hand press lock are convenient to use with minimal effort. Plus, this mop set comes with dual refill making it a long-lasting product. This sturdy spin mop has a telescopic handle for height adjustment and easy spin.
Rotating headItem weight
Detachable handle

Gala Twin Bucket Spin Mop with 2 refills and 1 liquid dispenser (Blue)

Best mop for home in India
This stackable twin bucket mop set in blue is your one-stop solution for deep cleaning. What makes its design unique is the nesting buckets that can be separated as well as stacked when not in use. Perfect for all types of floors, the microfibre head works on wet waste and dry dust and dirt. Comes with a pivoting head and 360 degrees movement for easy cleaning. Convenient to use, it has an inbuilt wringer, an extendable mop handle and a soap dispenser. It also has a separate water outlet that you can open to drain the dirty water after your cleaning session. Easy absorbing micropads are washable in the machine. It has a stackable design with pivoting head for deep cleaning.
Easy drainagePrice
Stackable design

Spotzero By Milton Royale Spin Mop, Aqua Green (Steel Wringer)

Best mop for home in India
Light-weight and super handy, this mop set can easily be called an all-in-one piece thanks to its so many features. Available in a soothing aqua-green colour, this 1-piece elegant spin mop by Milton is made of high quality plastic. With an extendable mop handle that has a 360 degrees movement, be rest assured every tight corner and deadend can be reached. The microfiber thread mop has superior water absorbency and is non- abrasive lint free which works both for dry and wet waste. Carry it easily with its flexible bucket handle while its wheels provide extra portability. It also has a liquid dispenser, stainless steel wringer and a water outlet for removing dirty water. This elegant mop set is an all-rounder in cleaning! Comes with superior water absorbent and non- abrasive lint-free cleaning microfiber.
Compact design
Durable build

Prestige Clean Home PSB 10 Plastic Magic Mop (Blue)

Best mop for home in India
This light-weight and compact mop set is portable, thanks to the 2 rotating wheels. Available in soothing blue and white combination, it has a capacity of 5 litres and comes with a magic mop with 2 microfiber heads, twin bucket, a solution dispenser and a stainless steel spinner. Its 2 steel rods can be adjusted as per height of the person using it, thus, making it extremely convenient to use. This mop set can be used on marble, wooden floors, tiles, mosaic and granite. The drain spout at the bottom makes it easy to drain the dirty water after cleaning. Made of high quality plastic, it comes with a 6 months product warranty. The compact design makes it easy to carry and store.
Lightweight designCleaning
2 microfiber heads

Spotzero by Milton Prime Mop with Big Wheels and Stainless Steel Wringer (Aqua green, 2 refills)

Best mop for home in India
This mop and bucket set on wheels is just perfect for those who want to roll it around the house and clean everything. Made of high quality plastic and steel, this store and carry aqua green mop comes with an extendable 360 degrees movement mop handle, an oval bucket with drainage and a stainless steel wringer. With separate cleaning and wringing operation, this quality product cleans dry and wet waste with its microfiber cleaning technology. Its non abrasive lint-free microfibre pad has superior water absorbency and is perfect for cleaning larger surface areas. Easy to use and convenient to carry, it has a bucket handle to lift and side handles for easy gliding. Environment-friendly, it comes with a 1 year product warranty. It provides high impact cleaning.
Durable buildLittle heavy
Good absorbent tendency

Gala e-Quick Spin Mop with Easy Wheels and Bucket with Free Refill

Best mop for home in India
This e-quick spin mop by Gala has a 180-degree rotating spin mop handle which makes it convenient to use. The expandable handle and super spin system makes home cleaning easy and comfortable. The two 360 microfiber heads have high absorbing capacity and can be cleaned and washed easily. It also has a special space for cleaning the dirt and refilling. It works well with all kinds of floors. This 360 degree spin mop makes your home cleaning much easier.
Telescopic extendable handle
Ergonomic design

Presto! Spin Mop

Best mop for home in India
Another option for a mop is this spin mop from Presto. Suitable for multipurpose use, the mop makes daily cleaning tasks easy. The mop has a high absorption tendency, adjustable handle, easy wringing, 360-degree spinning wheels and water outlet. Made of high-quality material and 100% polyester fibre, the mop offers durability and long-lasting usage. The water outlet makes easy refilling, cleaning and dispensing of water.
Easy to use
Sturdy build

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