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Best mini fridge in India in 2021

Best mini fridge in India in 2021
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Mini-fridges are those refrigerators that have a capacity of less than 100 litres. They are compact and are a suitable choice for storing and cooling beverages. They can also be used to keep food items and vegetables fresh. Ideally, they are a great choice for keeping cool beverages in the bedroom. To help you buy a mini fridge in India, here are the best options available on Amazon.

AmazonBasics 43 L Single Door Mini RefrigeratorAmazonBasics Mini Fridge is packed with features to take care of your storing and cooling needs. It comes with a freezer compartment, dairy rack and drip tray. It is easy to clean and features environmental friendly coolant that keeps your food and beverages fresh. It has a sturdy build quality and it functions well in temperatures up to 43-degree celsius.The AmazonBasics Mini Fridge is a suitable choice for bachelors, professionals at work and for small cafeterias.

Hisense 44 L Single Door Mini RefrigeratorThe Hisense Mini Fridge comes with a reversible door that makes it very convenient to use. It has a chiller zone to cool your beverages faster. It features a bottle bin and wire shelf to organise your food and beverages. It is a compact refrigerator that has plenty of storage. It features a recessed handle and a modern design that complement the aesthetics of your room.The Hisense Mini Fridge has a sleek design and is a good fit for bedrooms and gyms.

Uber Appliance Chill Mini FridgeThe Uber Appliance Chill is a sleek and compact mini fridge that comes with multiple functionality. It can store six cans or four bottles of 500ml. It can both warm and cool the beverages in a short time. It is a portable fridge and can also be charged in the car. It has a solid-state thermo-electric cooling system that is eco-friendly.The Uber Appliances Mini Fridge has a retro design and can be a good fit to your bedroom or the office table.

Haier 53 L Mini RefrigeratorThe Haier mini-fridge is a spacious fridge that promises to keep your food and beverages fresh and cold. It comes with quick cooling technology that can make the content of the fridge chill faster. It features an ice room to freeze the food items, and it has a toughened glass shelf for easy storage. It has a stabilizer-free operation and comes with a convenient recess handle.The Haier mini fridge comes with low-noise and vibration making it a suitable choice for bedrooms.

LEONARD USA 115 L Inverter Mini FridgeThe Leonard 115L mini fridge comes with inverter technology that gives it durability. It has an in-built stabilizer that protects the fridge from high-voltages. It is a compact double-door refrigerator that has a premium look, making it ideal for the living room or an open kitchen.The Leonard mini fridge has a silent operation and comes with a single metal sheet back that makes it suitable for a house with children.

Godrej 30 L Qube Personal Cooling SolutionThe Godrej personal fridge is a compact device that can run on an inverter in case of a power cut-off. It comes with an advanced solid-state cooling technology that provides efficient cooling while saving energy. It features bright LEDs to light up the interiors of the fridge. It comes without a compressor that ensures that it operates silently.The Godrej personal fridge comes with low-maintenance features at an affordable price.