Best neck pillows for comfortable travels

Best neck pillows for comfortable travels
When you’re in a bus, train or flight, the worst part is your head falling from side to side if you fall asleep. To save you from that discomfort and embarrassment, we made you a list of some amazing neck pillows that you can buy.

Angel Bear

Best neck pillows for comfortable travels
The best part about the Angel Bear neck pillow is that you can take out the outer covering and wash it after returning from your travel. This is more convenient than washing the entire pillow. It’s designed in such a way that your neck remains firm and your head rests comfortably on the side. It’s pretty versatile so you can use it as a backrest or to rest your feet/knees as well. Free eye mask, strong lock to attach it to your luggage, and plush fabric used

Wanderlust Travel Essentials

Best neck pillows for comfortable travels
The Wanderlust neck pillow is a pretty smart pillow when it comes to bringing comfort to your neck. It takes the shape of the natural curves of your neck and head, and returns to its original shape when taken off. It allows your neck to rest flat and doesn’t push it forward. There’s also a carry bag that makes it very convenient to carry around. Becomes a tiny package when put in the carry bag, can be machine washed, and is made of pure memory foam.

Cloudz (Set of 2) Microbead Travel Neck Pillows - Blue

Best neck pillows for comfortable travels
This set of two neck pillows from Cloudz is a great option for a comfortable travel experience. These microbead travel pillows have dual comfort option. It comes with a cozy push effect on one side and cool spandex on the other, all you need to do is flip the side according to your comfort. Extremely relaxing and comfortable set of neck pillows.


Best neck pillows for comfortable travels
The ProQ travel neck pillow is made from 100% memory foam that makes sure your neck is always comfortable and never strained. No matter how much you use it, it will always come back to its original shape in five seconds when you release it from your neck. The shape is designed differently from other neck pillows; it is more ergonomic which means it’s better suited for your neck posture. Also, there’s a free eye mask! Transforms into a compact, lightweight package when rolled and put in the case.

AmazonBasics Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow, Black

Best neck pillows for comfortable travels
This memory foam neck pillow from AmazonBasics is a very comfortable and easy to use neck pillow. It supports your head, neck and shoulders and gives a relaxing effect. It is an ideal neck pillow for travelling and suitable for roadtrips as well as flights. The cover of the neck pillow is washable when needed. Available in three different colours.

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