Best office chair under ₹2000

Best office chair under ₹2000
While working long hours in your office or enjoying a work-from-home day, having a comfortable office chair is a must. When glued to the office chair for hours, the structure and ergonomics of the chair can either boost your productivity or hamper your work time. But with so many options to buy from, it gets too difficult and confusing to choose the best office chair. So the office chair under ₹2000 must have a few essential features like great adjustability, fantastic lumbar support, and excellent mobility. Here we bring to you a comprehensive list of the best office chairs under ₹2000 to buy for your office or home without spending tons of money.

How we do our research
Our ranking criteria

We look for several chair options to help you choose the best and a comfortable pick. We look for the design, build, back type and features of the chair. We shortlist the chair which has a decent weight withstand capacity. Also, we consider user ratings and reviews.

Things to look at while buying
When buying an office chair, there are certain factors that need to be considered. Choosing a chair that provides support and comfort is important. One must look for the material and build to offer durability and long-lasting use. Features like cushioned seat, arm rest, foot design, base type and more should also be kept in mind. One should always keep their budget, purpose and requirement in mind.
Office ChairFeaturesDimensionsProduct Link
GOYALSON Executive Chair Ergonomic DesignComfortable And Ergonomic Design40.6D x 40.6W x 91.4H centimetersBuy On
Nilkamal Novella 07 Polypropylene ChairPolypropylene Material, Glossy Design58.4D x 45.7W x 78.7H centimetersBuy On
KITHANIA Ergonomic Comfortable Executive Office Study ChairErgonomic Design, Contemporary Style53.3D x 50.8W x 86.4H centimetersBuy On
P P CHAIR Office chairDurable & Highly Useful Portable40.6D x 39.4W x 88.9H centimetersBuy On
RW REST WELL N Type Comfortable Visitor/Study Black Metal Chair with CushionPU Foam cushioned seat, Strong Metal frame40.6D x 40.6W x 20H centimetersBuy On
RATISON Steel Dining Home Office Restaurant ChairChrome Steel, Cushioned seat45.7D x 45.7W x 88.9H centimetersBuy On

GOYALSON Executive Office Chair

Best office chair under ₹2000
This sleek and modern office chair is a perfect addition to your workspace. One of the best office chairs under 2000, it comes entirely pre-assembled. If you hate do-it-yourself chairs, this office chair perfectly fits your purpose. The cushion seat and the back are made of high-quality, comfortable PU foam, providing a pleasurable experience. The office chair has a durable metal frame, which makes it sturdy but also gives the chair a stylish look. The ergonomic design with a comfortable foot chair provides your body with the perfect support, one of the main features of this best office chair under 2000. The chair also has protective foot bushes, securing your floor from scratches. The black-coloured chair can support weights up to 140 kg and has an easy replacement guarantee in case of damage. You can easily clean the chair by wiping it with a dry or wet cloth.

Nilkamal Novella 07 Polypropylene Office Chair

Best office chair under ₹2000
If you are looking for an office chair with stylish colours, the Nilkamal Novella 07 Polypropylene Office chair is a perfect choice. Available in three variants of Iron black, bright red, and blue, this office chair is a great buy. The unique contemporary, modern style gives the chair an appealing look. The overall body is made of 100% polypropylene plastic material, which makes the chair durable. Moreover, the stainless steel finish gives it an overall glossy design. The moulded plastic seat provides comfort throughout the day, providing your overall body with some well-needed comfort. The solid back structure gives you a pleasurable experience during long office hours. This office chair is easy to clean and carry around because of its lightweight, making it versatile. If you are short on space, this office chair can be easily stacked to save space.

KITHANIA Comfortable Executive Office Chair

Best office chair under ₹2000
This office chair displays a mixture of a modern and contemporary look and stands out in the list of office chairs under 2000. Available in black colour, the pre-assembled chair has a solid iron frame. While the chair is incredibly lightweight and easy to carry around, the iron structure of this chair makes it incredibly durable. If comfort is your top priority, then this chair serves the purpose with a comfortable and ergonomic design. The chair has a solid armrest, which is an essential feature of an incredible office chair. The foot bushes present in the chair provide the floor with prolonged protection from scratches. High-quality cushion and a strong base meet ISO standards, which makes the chair incredibly long-lasting. It is equally easy to clean the chair with a wet or dry cloth, and thus is a must-buy for those looking for an office chair under ₹2000.

P P CHAIR Office Chair

Best office chair under ₹2000
The flashy yellow leather cushion makes this office chair a must-have if you want to get creative with your workspace. Unlike the other office chairs which are made of a plastic frame, the P P CHAIR office chair has a chrome alloy steel frame, making the chair durable and sturdy. Even after prolonged use, the strong frame ensures that the chair does not break down easily. But with the replacement guarantee, you are secure in case of unwanted wear and tear to your chair. The comfortable cushion seat and back help you sustain the long office hours with utmost comfort, giving you a pleasurable experience. The solid back keeps your posture straight and helps you avoid back pain from the long work time. It features foot bushes that prevent the floor from deep scratches.

RW REST WELL N Type Comfortable Office Chair

Best office chair under ₹2000
One of the most comfortable office chairs from the list, this chair provides you with the golden opportunity to eliminate back pain while working long hours. The main features of this office chair include a padded backrest and seat cushion that helps relieve back and leg pain and improves your posture. The chair has an additional footrest of 4 inches high enhancing the overall comfort. The seat and cushion are made of high-quality PU foam supported on an extra-strong metal frame. Similar to other office chairs, this one is also easy to clean and does not take a lot of your time. The black and modern-looking sturdy chair can endure a maximum weight capacity of up to 130 kg.

RATISON Steel Office Chair

Best office chair under ₹2000
The RATISON steel office chair has a modern, contemporary look, perfect for your workspace. The entire body is made of alloy chrome steel, which is stainless, making the chair incredibly durable and sturdy. The chair is remarkably lightweight and portable, making it easier to move around in your office or home. The comfortable cushion seat and back support are helpful for your posture and provide you with a comfortable working experience during prolonged office hours. The chair has a yellow cushion which gives it a glamorous and incredibly stylish look. Also, the chair is equipped with foot bushes to prevent scratches on the floor. The high-quality cushion, strong footrest, base, and construction of the chair meet ISO standards, thus has a prolonged life

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