Best oil heaters in India

Best oil heaters in India
In India, with each passing day winters are only going to get harsher and colder, especially in Northern India. To bear the coming winter days, you need something that can keep your room warm and this is where room heaters come into action.

Today, room heaters work on different technology and principles and are available in different price ranges. There are primarily three kinds of room heaters available in India - halogen heater, fan heater, or oil-filled one.

If you are looking for oil-filled room heaters to beat the harsh winters, then we’ve got you covered. Here, we will tell you all about oil-filled heaters including their advantages. We will also help you in choosing the best oil-filled room heater.

What are oil-filled room heaters?

Oil-filled room heaters use a convection mode to heat a room utilizing stored oil in a reservoir. To be clear, oil-filled heaters electrically generate heat, through the heating unit. It does not involve burning any oil fuel; the oil is used as a heat reservoir (buffer), not as a fuel.

Oil-filled room heaters have different advantages over conventional type of room heaters. For instance-

  • Oil-filled room heaters work as radiators. Unlike traditional heaters, these room heaters don’t use oil as fuel. Moreover, they work to warm the entire room, ensuring the warmth spreads to every corner. Once the oil radiator heater reaches the desired temperature, it automatically shuts off, helping you save energy.
  • Oil-filled room heaters neither burn oxygen nor reduce humidity, making them best for newborn babies. They are considered a healthier alternative, as they don't cause dry eyes, skin rashes and any suffocation.
  • Oil-filled room heaters are quiet and you don’t feel the presence of a room heater in the room.
  • One of the best things about oil-filled room heaters is that their surface won’t heat up, making them safe to use among children. Also, you don’t have to place them closer to the bed to experience the warmth - simply put them in any corner of the room and enjoy constant warmth.

Best oil-filled room heaters to buy this winter

Havells OFR

Best oil heaters in India
This oil-filled room heater is an ideal option if you want quick heat during winter. It features Thermostatic heat control, rapid heating with a PTC fan and castor wheels for easy mobility. Other than these, you get 3 power settings 1000/ 1500/ 2500 watts and an additional 400 watts (Heater + Fan). Currently, it is listed for just ₹9,499, down from its original price of ₹15,545. Also, you can buy it on no-cost EMI by using selected bank cards.

Morphy Richards OFR 09 2000

Best oil heaters in India
This oil-filled room heater features 9 fins that ensure you get rapid heating to every corner of your room. It comes with an adjustable thermostat to maintain desired room temperature. Other than these features, you also get castor wheels with a mounting plate for easy mobility. Right now, you can buy it for an impressive price of ₹6,789, down from its original price of ₹13,999.

Borosil Volcano 11

Best oil heaters in India
If you are looking for an oil-filled room heater that gives wider coverage then Borosil Volcano 11 is worth considering. Equipped with 11 fins and 2900W of power, this oil-filled room heater is everything you need for the winter season. The room heater efficiently heats up and the in-built fan helps to disseminate the heat to the room. Currently, you can buy it for just ₹8,999, down from its original price of ₹17,490.

Kenstar 2400

Best oil heaters in India
This oil-filled room heater features a PTC fan that is said to give quick heating and it is also equipped with overheating protection. In this oil-filled heater, you get 3 heat settings- 1000/ 1500/ 2500 watts with an additional 400 watts (Heater+Fan). It is available for just ₹6,990 on Amazon, down from its original price of ₹12,499.

Bajaj Majesty RH 11F

Best oil heaters in India
This 25 watts 11 fins oil-filled room heater is ideal for small rooms. It comes with a custom adjustable thermostat and three heat settings- 1 W/ 15 W/ 25 W. For ease of mobility, Bajaj has equipped it with castor wheels.Right now you can buy it for just ₹8,999, down from its original price of ₹16,990.

GLEN 2000

Best oil heaters in India
This oil-filled heater from Glen comes equipped with 9 fins to circulate the hot oil and to maximize heat circulation in the room. To control temperature settings, it comes equipped with a thermostat. Other than this, you get 2 years of warranty on this product. You can buy it just for ₹6,047, down from its original price of ₹10,995.

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