Best shaving razors for men in India

Best shaving razors for men in India
Shaving razors are considered an important product of men's grooming kits. Using a good razor helps you style your beard in whichever style you want without harming your skin. A clean shave or shaped beard will give you a fresh and sharp look. With various options available in the market based on different sizes, blade materials, handle types and more, choosing the right razor is not an easy task. To help you decide on the best razor, we have curated a list of the top picks from Amazon.

How we do our research
Our ranking criteria
When choosing the best razor, we consider its size, design and blade material as the key aspects. We look for a razor that provides smooth gliding and prevents cuts on the skin.

Things to look for while buying
While buying a shaving razor, one must look for a razor that has a flexible head to ensure convenient shaving. One must look for the blade size and material to keep it safe for the skin. Also, one must look for a razor that is easy to hold and clean.
RazorFeaturesItem weightProduct link
Gillette Fusion Proglide RazorLubrastrip for comfortable shave50gBuy On
Pearl Shaving Double Edge Butterfly Safety RazorDurable design150gBuy On
LetsShave Pro 4 Value Set- Four Blade RazorsErgonomic design185gBuy On
Pristine shaving razorDouble edge design80gBuy On
Gillette Mach 3 Shaving Razor + 2 CartridgeComfortable glide123gBuy On
Pearl Shaving Double Edge Safety RazorRust-proof and corrosion-proof85gBuy On
MensXP Mud 6-Blade RazorDurable design100gBuy On
Bombay Shaving Company Silver Metal Precision Safety RazorDouble edged blade222gBuy On
Gillette Proglide Men's Grooming RazorErgonomic handle50gBuy On
Pearl Shaving Double Edge Safety RazorFirm grip85gBuy On

Suitable for different skin types
Easy to hold

Good for beginners
Ergonomic design

4 blade designBit costly
Smooth glide

Lightweight design
Double edge for safety

Gillette Mach 3 Shaving Razor + 1 Cartridge

Best shaving razors for men in India
When it comes to safety and cleaning, Gillette shaving razors are the best option to consider. Get a refreshing and smooth shave with its three-blade technology. The micro fin skin guard feature stretches the skin and helps to prevent cuts and injuries and ensures a smooth glide. This Gillette razor offers 15 comfortable shaves. The elastomer fins on the handles ensures a firm grip.
Smooth glideSuitable to give only 15 shaves
Ergonomic handle

Pearl Shaving Double Edge Safety Razor

Best shaving razors for men in India
As a beginner, knowing the right kind of razor that suits you best is an important task. When placing safe bets, Pearl Shaving Double Edge Safety Razor is a good choice given its high ratings, traditional and yet useful design. A special open comb type makes it extremely easy to use, clean and store for the next time. Open comb type traditional razor for an effective and easy shave for beginners and regulars.
Double edged razor to keep skin safe
Durable material

MensXP Mud 6-Blade Razor

Best shaving razors for men in India
MensXP mud is one razor that you can go for when in doubt. With a long-lasting coating on the blade and 6 highly defined blades, this razor gives you a comfortable shave without causing irritation. The ergonomically designed handle makes it comfortable to use and provides a firm grip. It is designed with a pivot head that makes it safe to use. The razor is suitable to provide touch-ups to the mustache or beard with its precision trimmer blade.
Pivot head
Lubricant strip

Bombay Shaving Company Precision Safety Razor

Best shaving razors for men in India
Safety while shaving is truly one thing that you shouldn’t neglect. Bombay Shaving Company Precision Safety Razor looks into just that and a very specific close shave with its Japanese designed light weight stainless steel blades and a heavy metallic outer body that makes the best use of gravity. It comes with a special clamp that prevents cuts which makes it a safer shaving experience. Aggressive clamp to ensure safer shaving, really helpful for beginners. A well weighted razor with stainless steel blades for a smooth shave on the go.
Effective shavingExpensive
Good quality material

Gillette Flexball Fusion Pro Glide Razor, 1 Pc

Best shaving razors for men in India
This razor from Gillette comes with flexball technology. It has a precise accuracy at the curves and edges of your face and trims them completely. It comes with five extremely thin and fine blades for less tug and pull. The razor helps you to easily take off every hair from your skin without any discomfort. Comes with a lubrastrip infused with mineral oil.
Guards the skinBit costly
Precision trimming

Pearl Shaving Double Edge Safety Razor

Best shaving razors for men in India
Another razor option for shaving is this razor from Pearl. Designed with heavy brass metal material, the razor is safe to use and ensures durability. It offers a firm grip to ensure comfortable handling and usage. The smooth and precise usage makes this razor a good option to use.
Comfortable grip
Traditional design

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