Best rice cooker under ₹3000

Best rice cooker under ₹3000
A rice cooker is a countertop electric kitchen appliance that automatically cooks rice to perfection. Rice cookers, like slow cookers and pressure cookers, have a sizable cooking pot with a heat source, and a temperature sensor that tracks and adjusts the pot's internal temperature. A form-fitting lid, a pair of durable handles, and a set of controls on the front of the pot make it convenient to hold and use the rice cooker. There are various types of rice cookers available based on different capacities, functions and specifications, hence choosing the best rice cooker for you will undoubtedly be difficult! To suit different requirements, we have curated a list of the top picks from Amazon under ₹3000.

How we do our research
Our ranking criteria

We look for smart features such as size and dimensions, rice cooker types, and varying sorts of inner pots. Furthermore, we conducted detailed research on the various rice cooker brand products offered in India to complement your needs and match the kitchen décor. However, apart from that, we consider user ratings and reviews to assist you in making a wise purchase.

Things to look for while buying
There are some factors to consider when purchasing a rice cooker. Aside from size, type, price, and basic features, one should contemplate performance, heating functionalities, duration, capacity, and whether it includes multifunctional features to make life easier, particularly during special occasions. We always bargain for the best possible price without compromising quality, and it is here that we will lend a hand to you becoming the proud owner of the finest cooker.
Rice CookerPowerCapacityProduct link
Bajaj RCX 5 Rice Cooker550 watts1.8 litersBuy On
Panasonic SRWA 18 Automatic Rice Cooker660 watts1.8 litersBuy On
Preethi RC 320 A1 Double Pan Rice Cooker1600 watts1.8 litersBuy On
KENT 16066 Delight Electric Rice Cooker700 watts1.8 litersBuy On
Usha RC18GS2 Steamer Automatic Cooker700 watts1.8 litresBuy On
Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker Cute700 watts1.8 litersBuy On

Bajaj RCX 5 Rice Cooker

Best rice cooker under ₹3000
With the RCX5 majestic rice cooker from Bajaj, cooking rice is now a matter of minutes and requires no supervision at all. The cooker can only cook 1 kg of rice at a time. It uses only 700 watts of electricity per hour. It houses a cooking bowl made of aluminium. The rice cooker has two cool touch handles that allow you to lift it without burning your hands. It includes a stainless-steel lid as well as a detachable power cord. The cool-touch handles make it easy to lift and hold.
Key Highlights
Cool-touch handles for safe usage
Detachable cord

Panasonic SRWA 18 Automatic Rice Cooker

Best rice cooker under ₹3000
This automatic rice cooker cooks food quickly and efficiently while also conserving energy. Panasonic's automatic cooker has a 1 liter capacity and can cook up to 0.6 Kg of raw rice while using only 660 watts. The cooker includes a lockable lid and handles. The heat-resistant handles of the cooker keep your hands from getting burned. It includes an anodized aluminium cooking pan, a cooking plate, a measuring cup, and one scoop. The Panasonic SRWA 18 automatic rice cooker’s food-grade material makes it safe to use.

Key Highlights
Auto cut-off feature
Durable build
Easy to use

Preethi RC 320 A1 Double Pan Rice Cooker

Best rice cooker under ₹3000
The Preethi RC 320 A1 Double Pan Rice Cooker has a 2.2-litre capacity and cooks at 1600 watts. The lead soldering points on the Cast Heater are protected by a ceramic seal and RTV 80 silicon glue. As a result, there is no lead melting, rusting, or moisture formation, making it safer for years of operation. It has electrostatic painting technology, which provides an anti-rust coating and keeps the rice cooker looking new even after years of use. The overlapped heating coil, aluminium pan, and thermostat cut-off are also included. The anti-rust coating and build of the rice cooker makes it suitable for long-lasting use.

Key Highlights
Quick heating
Keep warm function

KENT 16066 Delight Electric Rice Cooker

Best rice cooker under ₹3000
KENT Electric Rice Cooker 700W is a multi-purpose kitchen appliance that cooks perfect rice and other steamed foods. It has a 1.8L capacity and a grip handle, making it easy to carry and serve food. The inner pot is made of high-quality thick non-stick-coated aluminium that ensures even heat distribution. The "keep warm" function keeps food warm for a longer time. KENT 16066 delight electric rice cooker has 1 year manufacturer’s warranty, covers manufacturing defects and operational issues, and the heating element. A rice spoon, measuring cup, and the steam tray is also included with the cookers for convenient use.

Key Highlights
Comfortable grip for easy handling
Automatic keep warm function
Easy cleaning

USHA RC18GS2 Steamer Automatic Rice Cooker

Best rice cooker under ₹3000
The USHA RC18GS2 Steamer Automatic Rice Cooker has a capacity of 1.8 Liters and a power output of 700W. It has a two-heat safety mechanism that prevents your food from overcooking. The Keep Warm function uses a separate heating element to keep food warm at 60°C for five hours. It comes with a Trivet tray to prevent rice from sticking and drain excess starch. It's a cooking pan made of anodized aluminium with temperature control through an automatic shut-off thermostat and dry boil protection. The USHA RC18GS2 steamer automatic rice cooker has a five-year warranty that covers heating elements.

Key Highlights
Glass lid for convenient viewing
Light indicator
Dual heater for cooking as well as keep food warm

Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker Cute

Best rice cooker under ₹3000
The Prestige Delight Electric Rice Cooker Cute has a capacity of 1.8 litres and two aluminium cooking pans. Using 700 watts, it can cook up to 1000 g of raw rice. The cooker includes useful features such as a stainless steel close-fit lid and a keep-warm mode. The Controls switch lever aids in automatic cooking, as it automatically switches to 'keep warm' mode after the rice is cooked. The Prestige delight electric rice cooker comes with a five-year warranty. It has a detachable power cord for portability and a scoop holder for easy storage.

Key Highlights
Comes with a scoop holder
Easy to use and clean
Easy controls

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