Best study lamp under ₹500

Best study lamp under ₹500
Study lamps have become one of the basic requirements for people whose work involves reading or writing for long hours. It becomes a little difficult to always find a table or a place with perfect lighting. This is where study lamps come in handy. A portable form of light, study lamps, due to their increasing demand and a very wide market base, have become very affordable. Keeping in line with the growing need for the product, we have compiled a list of the best study lamps under ₹500 that are widely available online.

How we do our research
Our ranking criteria

Our ranking criteria is based on understanding the relative requirements of users about the type of light used, charging, portability, ease of use and physical attributes that define the look of the study lamps. This guide is created to serve as useful input towards the process of a user making an informed decision.

Things to look for while buying
Typically the most important aspect that one should check in a study lamp is the type of light used i.e., whether or not it would cause strain to the eyes. Being cognizant of the potential usage of the study lamp, one should also consider the battery life of the study lamp, as well as its adjustability with regard to the projection angle of light. Once these criteria are met, then a user may or may not take into consideration the physical look of the study lamp.
Accordingly, here’s a list of the best study lamps under ₹500 that’s available out there, helping you make a buying decision.

HNYR LED Study Desk/Table Lamp

Best study lamp under ₹500
With a sleek, white plastic exterior, this study lamp provides the user with three levels of brightness; high, medium or low. The user can adjust the brightness levels simply by putting a finger at the base of the lamp. This lamp is designed in such a way that the LED Panel of the lamp reflects the light sideways, thus providing a glare-free and uniform light, reducing strain on the eyes. It is made of eco-friendly, non-toxic silicone material, which makes it very lightweight, portable and suitable for use for all age groups. The touch sensitive interface of the lamp rids it of the hassle of buttons, thus making it very easy to use. There is an efficient heat dissipation system in this desk lamp which prevents overheating. Equipped with a battery capacity of 1200mAh and up to almost 500 recycling charges, it also comes with a USB charger and upon being fully charged, can last up to 4 hours in the high brightness mode and 8 hours in the low brightness mode. The 360 degree adjustable neck allows the user to adjust the height and angle of the lamp as per their comfort.

FunBlast Table Lamp

Best study lamp under ₹500
If you are looking for a study lamp for your kid or if you want to liven up a dull study table, these lamps are for you. These are very cute, animal-themed study lamps, available in various colors. These have multifunctional usage as they are equipped with a pen holder and a built-in sharpener. The neck of the study lamp is adaptable to the needs and comforts of the user, and the lamp is rechargeable through a USB portal. Its compact design allows it to be carried anywhere. The lamp has a compact and cute duck design.

Gomerrykids Cartoon Panda Led Folding Desk Table Lamp

Best study lamp under ₹500
These panda-themed study lamps, which are available in various colors, are a perfect fit for kids. The LED light is rechargeable and therefore the hassle of changing batteries is not there. There is a single switch on and off button. The body is made of plastic and the edges are smoothed out to avoid any cuts from edges. The lightweight design of the lamp makes it easy to carry.

SPOMI SMD Foldable & Chargeable Desk LAMP AC/DC Table LAMP

Best study lamp under ₹500
The SPOMI SMD Foldable & Chargeable Desk Lamp is a folding and compact study lamp. With a 31 SMD LED, the study lamp emits a bright light suitable for reading and working purposes. It has a folding, adjustable arm which allows the user to adjust the height of the lamp. This folding arm also gives the user an option to easily carry this lamp in a small bag, making it very portable. The lamp is battery powered and button operated. The foldable design makes it easy to store.

Altegic Portable Flexible Adjustable Table Lamp

Best study lamp under ₹500
A pocket-sized lamp, this lamp is in the form of a USB light. With an average life of 50,000 hours, the lamp can be used when it is plugged to a USB port. The light is soft and thus reduces eye fatigue. With a very flexible body, this can be used as a bedside lamp, work station lamp or even a reading lamp. Its miniature size rids it of the bulkiness of a regular study lamp and gives it a longer life span. The USB port makes it suitable to connect with any port.

Abee Led Light Clip Light Lamp for Reading Desk Lamp Table Light (Mini Size)

Best study lamp under ₹500
A miniature table lamp, with dimensions of 12cm x 12 cm x 12cm, Abee LED light clip light lamp can be easily used to read under proper lighting. The ‘clip on’ feature of the lamp lets the user clip the lamp to a book or to the side of a table and work. It can be considered a great option for those who like reading while travelling as well.

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