Best toy bikes to keep your kids engaged

Best toy bikes to keep your kids engaged
Vehicle toys are some of the most common toys that kids like to play with. They enjoy watching bikes go by and are fascinated when they have their own mini version of it. The detailing on some bike toys are very impressive and there are new features that make them even more fun for kids. We've curated some fun ones that you can buy for your kids or as gifts for other kids.

US1984 Bike Toy

Best toy bikes to keep your kids engaged
Even though this is just a small toy, it's loaded with features. It's got a fantastic design, a pull-back mechanism that will make the bike go ahead, and a movable steering. Also, the backseat works as a push button for light and music. It's available in 3 colours and can be a great gift for kids. The light feature should attract the kids.

CENTY Plastic Royal Bullet Bike

Best toy bikes to keep your kids engaged
The Bullet is the ultimate bike that's a favourite for many. Kids are fascinated by the bikers who ride around on their Bullet bikes. This toy bike is designed to look just like it. You can move the steering, rotate the handlebars, and pull it back to let it go ahead. There's even a bike stand that allows it to stand, making it even cooler. With real-like detailing, it gives a natural finish to the toy bike.

SARTHAM Kids Bike Toy

Best toy bikes to keep your kids engaged
Since DIY is the new trend today, here's a DIY (Do It Yourself) toy bike! Just like building blocks, there are pieces of different shapes and sizes along with an instruction manual that the child can refer to while making the bike. Your child will be able to make around 4 types of bikes with this set. It should help enhance the skills of the kid.

Tomica No.4 Honda Bike, Multi Color

Best toy bikes to keep your kids engaged
This toy bike from Tomica comes in a white coloured design and features realistic car detailing. It keeps the kids engaged and has a naturalistic suspension system. It can be considered a good gifting option for kids who love to ride bikes. It has a realistic design.

Toyify's Toy Bullet Bike

Best toy bikes to keep your kids engaged
Available in a number of colours and combo packs, this one is a great gift option for children. It's got a fun pull-back mechanism that will entertain the child and the pull-back cap can be replaced with a free wheel cap when you want. There's a stand, rotatable handlebars, and rubber wheels to make it even more realistic. It features a rotatable handle bar, titltable stand and realistic design.

Maisto Honda CBR 1000RR

Best toy bikes to keep your kids engaged
Not only for kids, this can be picked up by anyone who has a figurine or artifact collection. The detailing on this miniature bike is excellent. Right from the seat and wheels to the logo and engine, this one is a fancy piece that is fast and smooth. It can be considered a great option for artifact collection.

Sheel Plastic Bullet Bike

Best toy bikes to keep your kids engaged
Another Bullet toy bike that you can consider, this one is black and silver. It's got a classic and rugged look, so if your child likes vintage bikes, this one's for them. It's got a pull-back mechanism that makes it go ahead. It can be a great gift for kids who are fascinated by bikes. Made from no sharp edges, it is safe for the kids.

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