Best toy guns to buy for kids

Best toy guns to buy for kids
Sometimes, kids are fascinated by guns; they pretend to be police officers or in the army and have a lot of fun enacting those roles. While parents don’t usually encourage toy guns because they might send the wrong message to kids, there are some who allow kids to play with toy guns under supervision, being careful about what they are learning. We've got some fun toy guns that you can consider getting for your kids.

Nerf 26-Piece Cobra RC-6 Toy

Best toy guns to buy for kids
This is a fun one because it's a set of 2 guns and they come with toy bottles too. Your child has to try and shoot the bottles, just like at the fair or arcade. The set has 20 darts that are made from foam, making them soft and safe. You don’t have to worry about any injuries or accidents. It's great for kids and teens. It comes with 2 Cobra RC-6 blasters, 20 darts, and 4 half-targets.


Best toy guns to buy for kids
A 2-in-1 gun that allows your kid to shoot bullets and darts, a number of games and activities can be played with this toy gun. The darts and bullets are made from foam, making it suitable for little kids too. It's simple to operate; all you've got to do is add a bullet, pull the lever to lock it, and pull the trigger to release the bullet. If your kid has interest in shooting games, this can be a perfect option to choose.

Zest 4 Toyz Toy Gun

Best toy guns to buy for kids
A toy machine gun designed to look quite similar to the real one, this gun will surely make your kids feel like they are in the defense forces. It's even got the army print. There's a 360-degree bullet spin belt, loads of sounds and flashlights, and a stand. It's about 25 inches long, requires AA batteries, and is easy to assemble. The gun requires easy assembly.

MTG Metro Toys & Gift Toy Gun

Best toy guns to buy for kids
Another 2-in-1 gun, this one can be used as a water gun as well. There are foam bullets that can be shot out of the gun and you can squirt out water too. This kit comes with a pair of handcuffs, keys, and a cop badge to give your child the full experience. It's a lightweight toy gun that has no toxic material. The handy design makes it comfortable to use.

Taufa Villa Toy Gun

Best toy guns to buy for kids
A multicoloured gun that's got LED lights and funky sound effects, this one will be loved by kids. Don't worry, there are no bullets; when shot, it releases lights and sounds! It's got a number of switches for the lights and music and requires 3 AA batteries. Made from durable, non-toxic and ABS material, it is safe to use.


Best toy guns to buy for kids
Designed to look like a soldier's gun, this one is khaki colour and also comes with a pair or cool sunglasses for your child. They can pretend to be a brave soldier on an adventure or rescue mission. The pack also has a dartboard. There are 6 bullets made of high-quality foam, ensuring that this toy gun is safe. The soft rounded foam darts makes it safe for the kids.

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