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Best padlock for home in India

Best padlock for home in India
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From a child to an adult, we all have used padlocks to keep our valuables safe. Kids use the smaller ones for their piggy banks, toys closet, bicycles, etc. while adults use big secure ones for locking doors, suitcases and more. Needless to say, padlocks are an important item that we use on a daily basis.

Available in different metals with types of locking mechanism, padlocks have evolved over the years. While choosing a padlock factors such as value of the articles to secure, material of the padlock and its shackle, size of the padlock, length of the shackle and the type of lock need to be paid attention to. Another important factor is whether the padlock is anti-corrosion or not as if it needs to be used outdoors, the possibility of the metal rusting is high.

The strength of the metal and security of the lock give us confidence that our valuables are safe and protected. Here’s a selection of the safest padlocks that come in handy on an everyday basis.

Godrej Nav-Tal 7 Levers 4 Keys Padlock

Top Pick

Strong and long-lasting, this tough brass lock is suitable for heavy duty applications such as locking doors or big luggage pieces. Weighing 358.5 grams, this brass finished lock in gold has a hardened electro-plated shackle for added security. Its precision brass levers make it smooth while corrosion resistance does not let it rust, hence, making it long lasting. Has the option of emergency opening and key duplication.Strong and sturdy, this brass lock comes with a hardened steel shackle

Link Round Steel Lever Bcp 65mm (Silver, Pack of 2)

Editor's Choice

The Link round padlock comes with double locking system for extra safety and durability. This is a pack of two silver round locks and comes with three keys. The lock is made up of steel. It has a steel liver and is very easy to use. Link brings you a high & premium quality product at an affordable rate.Good quality & budget friendly.

Tiny Cute 4-Digit Safe PIN Hand Bag Shaped Combination Padlock Lock (Color May Vary)

Popular Pick

Sleek yet extremely sturdy, this silver toned padlock is made of steel and high quality zinc alloy material. Perfect for the purpose of locking your handbags and luggage, this 4-digit padlock with a strong steel shackle is highly secure. You can reset the passcode and set a personalised one as per your preference. This combination padlock saves you from the trouble of handling a physical key. Smart looks and portable, this lock comes with a 1 month warranty starting from the date of purchase.Personalise your security with your own passcode

Godrej Locking Solutions and Systems Nav-tal Ultra XL+ Brass Padlock with 4 Keys (Gold)

Must Have

This padlock from Godrej is made up of high quality brass material. It is golden in colour and comes with four keys. The lock has a polished finish. It has a double locking system, ensuring an extremely high level of security. The four keys can be used as spare keys if you lose any of them or can also be given to each family member for easy access to the lock if using it to lock the house.Easy to use and highly durable.

RAMSON Steel Major Deluxe Double Locking 7 Lever Lock with 5 Keys (57 Mm, Silver)

Also Consider

This 7 lever lock from Ramson is a high quality padlock. It has a double locking system, making it even more strong and safe for you to use as a door lock, safe lock, etc. It comes in the classic silver colour. The lock comes with five keys, making it very convenient for all the family members to have an access to the lock. The keys can also be beneficial at the times when you misplace one, you'll have a spare key.Made up of good quality steel material.

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