Cook your heart out with these non-stick tawas

Cook your heart out with these non-stick tawas
Cooking is an art and a hobby for many. It’s an absolute joy to cook meals for yourself and your loved ones. However, if the equipment is shoddy, this joy turns into frustration. Let that not happen to you. We have a list of the best non-stick tawas for you to continue cooking with ease.

Hawkins - Non-Stick Dosa Tava

Cook your heart out with these non-stick tawas
Another great pan suited for making lip-smacking dosas, parathas and rotis with very little to no oil. It has a unique pattern with the handle higher than the pan for better ergonomics. The entire pan gets heated evenly so that your rotis are cooked well and not burnt anywhere. There’s a high-quality German coating that makes this more durable than regular pans. Handle is locked firmly in the tawa, and it heats quickly thereby saving gas

Amazon Brand – Solimo – Non-stick Tawa

Cook your heart out with these non-stick tawas
Depending on what kind of pan you use for everyday cooking, you can choose from the variety of combos offered by Solimo. There are non-stick pans of all sizes. Made from 100% virgin aluminium, these pans are strong and reliable. Without a doubt, you can use them every day and they will last you a long time. Has 2-layer non-stick coating, no need of using oil, and it has a firm and smooth handle.

Prestige Omega Select Plus Non-Stick Omni Tawa, 25cm

Cook your heart out with these non-stick tawas
Available in three sizes, the Prestige non-stick tawa is a great addition to your cooking equipment. Prestige is a trusted brand in the Indian market and has been finding its place in Indian kitchens for over 30 years now. This tawa has a scratch resistant technology that makes it okay for you to use metal spoons. There will be no residue sticking to it, and the sturdy handle will allow you to cook with ease. Ensures safe cooking.

Cello – Non-Stick Dosa Tawa

Cook your heart out with these non-stick tawas
Who doesn’t enjoy the great South-Indian breakfast? With the Cello non-stick dosa tawa, you can make dosas with very little to no oil. You can enjoy your favourite dosas without having to worry about your cholesterol going up. Also, you can use this tawa on the induction stove as well as the LPG gas stove. Detachable handles, easy to clean, and very durable

Vinod - Non-Stick Flat Tawa

Cook your heart out with these non-stick tawas
The affordability and quality of this tawa makes it Amazon’s Choice. Available in two sizes, this virgin aluminium tawa will ensure that your food is cooked well and not burnt. The Swiss technology enables it to last long and have no abrasions. The bakelite handles are firmly clasped to the pan making it a joy to use while cooking. No toxic materials, metal spoon friendly and ergonomically designed.

iBELL – Non-stick Tawa

Cook your heart out with these non-stick tawas
If you live with many family members or housemates, this is going to be a value-added addition to your kitchen. This large tawa will help you save time and gas. You can cook four rotis or parathas at once making it a very efficient pan. It has a 3-layer non-stick coating that makes it scratch-resistant and residue-free. Also, it comes with a free spatula! Dishwasher safe, easy to maintain, and provides uniform heat.

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