Best remote control cars for kids in India

Best remote control cars for kids in India
There’s nothing more exciting for kids than the sheer thrill of playing with a car that speeds and spins with a click. Remote control cars are a favourite because these pacy cars offer super-cool features like funky lights, sounds, and are available in the shape of their favourite cars.

Speeding, racing and occasionally crashing these mean machines with a remote is an experience that makes playtime thrilling, adventurous and lots of fun. It also enhances hand to eye coordination, reflexes, awareness, and keeps you alert and active mentally.

In this article, we list the Coolest Remote Control Cars which are speedy, snazzy, and smart. Read on.

divine man Transparent Concept car 3D Super Car Toy, Car Toy for Kids with 360 Degree Rotation, Gear Simulation Mechanical Car, Sound & Light Toys for Kids Boys & Girls

Best remote control cars for kids in India
Transparent concept car by Divine Man is a transparent car in which you can see the gear inside. This helps the kids to know mechanical concept of a toy car. The car has a 360 degree rotation concept. The gear driving effect of the car increases the observation skills of the kids. Multicolour car, built with high speed wheels and beautiful flashing LED light.

Farraige® Chargebal Racing Car for Kids with Remote Control - Assorated Design & Multi Color

Best remote control cars for kids in India
This car comes with a 4 function remote control that lets you move it forward, backwards, front left reverse or right reverse. Its smooth wheel rotation makes it easy to flip or spin at any angle. Handy and compact, this sleek model is 7 inches wide. A genuine WireSvorts product, its remote runs with 2 AA batteries. Perform cool stunts with its strong sculpted lines. Comes with a charger. A cool bold design with great looks.

N2K2 Enterprise Rock Crawler Remote Control Car

Best remote control cars for kids in India
If you are looking for a remote car that keeps your kid engaged, this remote control car from N2K2 Enterprise is a good option to consider. Constructed in a truck shape, it is equipped with double strong power motors. It has a sturdy build and comes with a shock absorber body. The remote offers features like- turning, indicator light, forward/backwards and an antenna. Also, the remote control requires 3AA batteries to make it operational. Best suited for kids of the 5+ age group, it can be considered a good gifting option.

Vezimon Mud Racing Remote Control car

Best remote control cars for kids in India
Recommended for kids of 4+ years, this remote control car from Vezimon is a great option to keep the kid occupied. The car comes with forward, backward, left and right movements controlled with the remote. It features anti-skid tires and an anti-shock front design that makes it suitable for rough areas. With no electricity required, it is convenient to run on batteries. The strong body parts provide durability and give a sturdy look.

KRIMION Toy Rechargeable Car

Best remote control cars for kids in India
Available in different colours, this remote control car from Krimion is easy to operate. Equipped with rechargeable batteries, it helps save electricity. Forward, backward, left and right are the key functions to be controlled with the remote. To ensure long time usage and durability, the car is made with heavy-duty plastic. The easy operation makes it convenient for the kid to play.

eErlik Chargeable Plastic Racing Car

Best remote control cars for kids in India
Designed to run on 2AA batteries, this remote control from eErlik comes with a 4 function remote control. The remote allows you to move the car forward, backward, left and right. Equipped with a wheel design, it should make the movement smooth and easy. The stylish look and multiple colours of the car should attract the kids.

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