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Best horizontal water heaters with 25-litre capacity in India

Best horizontal water heaters with 25-litre capacity in India
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A horizontal water heater offers an effective solution in bathrooms having low ceilings. The 25-litres horizontal water heater is suitable for a large family. When buying a water heater, look for its energy efficiency, protective coating and pressure withstanding capacity. To help you buy a 25-litres horizontal water heater, here are the best options available on Amazon.

AO Smith HAS-X1-025-RHS

Editor’s Choice

The AO Smith water heater has a blue diamond glass lined tank that should offer resistance against corrosion. It has a glass coated heating element that can prevent scale formation and deliver uniform heating performance. It has PUF insulation and a 4-star rating that makes the heater highly efficient.The AO Smith water heater is said to feature an inlet water diffuser that breaks the incoming water jet into smaller streams.



The American Micronic water heater is said to have an inner tank made of thick steel that should be able to withstand 8bar of pressure. It is rated IPX4 for resistance against weather and moisture and it can withstand splashes. It lets you adjust the desired temperature between the range from 30-degree celsius to 70-degree celsius.The American Micronic water heater has an automatic cut-off feature that helps save energy by shutting down its operation once the desired temperature has been reached.

Havells Monza

Value for money

The Havells Monza water heater is said to be a tank made of rolled steel plates with vitreous enamel inner container tank finish and coating. It comes with PUF insulation that should provide protection against radiant heat loss. The water tubes are claimed to feature Whirl Flow technology that helps avoid contact between hot and cold water, optimizing the heating process.The Havell Monza water heater is suitable for installation in high-rise buildings as it can withstand pressure up to 8bar.

Haier Precis ES 25H E1


The Haier Precis water heater has a high-pressure rating of 8bar. To ensure safety, it claims to offer shockproof and voltage-fluctuation proof operation. It has an adjustable thermostat and PUF insulation that should offer high efficiency and better heating. It has an incoloy heating element and safecare technology for enhanced safety.The Haier Precis water heater comes at an affordable price and is a suitable choice for high-rise buildings.

Usha Aqua Horizon

Alternative One

The Usha Aqua Horizon water heater is said to feature a heating element made of SS316 that should heat faster. The inlet and outlet pipes have a liquid enamel coating that can help prevent rust. It has a glass line coating on the heating element and inner tank that claims to ensure longer life. It has PUF insulation that can provide better heating efficiency.The Usha Aqua Horizon water heater has a magnesium anode rod that should prevent rust and corrosion.

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