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Educational board Games For Kids online in India

Educational board Games For Kids online in India
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Board games have always been fun; you’re never too old for them. Whether it’s family game night or play dates with other kids, children have always loved board games. The best part of these games is that there’s always a thinking element involved too. So, instead of watching TV or playing video games all day, try out some board games that are just as enjoyable. Here’s a list of some great ones.

Mattel Scrabble Board Game, Multi Color

Must Have

You learn more words from playing scrabble than from your schoolteacher! In the game, each letter has a value, and the board has squares with different boosters. Each player must make a word that includes a tile that’s already on the board. The idea is to make words that will place your high-value letters on the premium squares on the board.Classic game, improves vocabulary, 4 players, suitable for all age groups.

Millennium Snakes & Ladders Ludo

Classic Choice

We’ve all played this evergreen game, but it never seems to get old even though it creates more rivals than friends! In ludo, each player has four pawns, and you have to get them back home without getting killed. And snakes and ladders is where you roll the dice and if you land on a ladder, you go up, if you land on a snake you come down. The idea is to get to the end of the board first.Colourful, enables attention to detail, hand-eye coordination and math.

Hasbro Gaming Connect 4 Shots Game

Very Engaging

Here’s a game that’s interactive, fun and competitive. You have to throw the ball into the grid and get a line of the same colour. When you play with a partner, each player will have different coloured balls. You keep throwing the balls simultaneously and score points as and when you get a vertical, horizontal or diagonal line of your colour.Exciting, fast-paced, engaging.

HASBRO GAMING Hungry Hippos Kids Game


Here’s another classic game that you might be familiar with. The board has 4 hippos, and the idea is to get your hippo to eat the most amount of marbles. Marbles are kept in the centre and as and when your hippo eats the marbles, more marbles from the centre will roll over into your pond. It’s quick, chaotic and extremely fun.Improves focus, can be enjoyed by 4 kids, no batteries required, and easy to store.

Funskool Scotland Yard

Editor’s Pick

The beloved Sherlock Holmes has been everyone’s companion growing up. This game gives your 10-year old a chance to be a detective too. It requires 3-6 players, so the whole family can enjoy it. The idea is that one player is Mr. X, the villain, and the remaining players have to go around the board chasing him.Exciting, includes playing board, logbook, playing pieces, cards and travel tickets.

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