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Keep your belongings organized with these storage containers

Keep your belongings organized with these storage containers
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Whether it's toys, jewellery, old photographs or other personal belongings, it makes sense to have a proper place for them at home. The last thing you want is for all your personal items to be strewn all around the house with no fixed storage place. We've made a list of some storage boxes that will help organize your items and not take up much place.

Nayasa Plastic Fusion Container, 6 piecesThis set of plastic containers from Nayasa can be a great option to store your knick-knacks, belongings and more in an organized way. Each container offers ample storage space of 1500ml. The containers are made of plastic material and have a sturdy build. To ensure cleanliness the containers are also convenient to wash.The containers are designed to be used for multiple purposes.

Joyful Studio Modular DrawerThere are 4 boxes of vibrant colours that come with a stand so all the boxes work like drawers. You can keep it in the corner of your bedroom or living room and it will add a modern touch to your home. It's sturdy but not heavy, and can be moved around easily. You can choose from a variety of colours and designs.Àvailable in a variety of colours.

Kuber Industries Plastic Storage BasketsYou have the option of 3 sizes with these baskets. They are very convenient and useful ones that can be stored on top of the wardrobe or under the bed. You could keep old papers, toys, stationery, etc. You can also keep it on a bathroom shelf for your toiletries, face towels, hair dryers, and more. It's a multipurpose basket set.This storage box is easy to store.

BlushBees Living BoxThis is a great organizer for small items like handkerchiefs, hand towels, socks, etc - things that usually get lost in the wardrobe. There are bigger sizes available too that can be used to organize your bedsheets, shirts, saris, and more. Available in 3 classy colours, they have a vintage polka dot design that will give your wardrobe an aesthetic look.This box is great for small items.

CSM Jewelry CaseAll those who are fond of owning a lot of jewellery will agree that managing and organizing all of it can be stressful. Here's a box that will ensure that your earrings stay separate from your bracelets! It's a pack of three boxes and they all have a different number of compartments. The large one can be used for chunky jewellery and the one with small pockets can be used for all your delicate jewellery.You can store jewelry in this box.

House of QuirkThis is a tasteful set of boxes that are versatile and can be used for a number of purposes. Whether it's makeup, clothes, toys, or any other personal items, this one will serve the purpose. Available in an elegant grey colour, these boxes are foldable and made from high-quality fabric.This box is made up of high quality fabric.