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Keep your makeup organized with these makeup boxes

Keep your makeup organized with these makeup boxes
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All girls who wear makeup will agree that a makeup box is absolutely necessary; one that has enough pockets to hold all the items without them getting lost at the bottom. If there's no box, your makeup products are scattered all over the dressing table or in the wardrobe. Don't worry, we've curated a list of some of the best makeup boxes that will allow you to organize your makeup better.
Welocity Professional Beauty Makeup BagThis gorgeous bag comes in a lovely black and turquoise colour that gives it an extremely classy look. Made from PU leather, it's firm and waterproof. It's got a smooth surface and is easily cleanable. So, you can keep your liquid makeup in it without worrying about anything spilling and staining the bag.This bag is made from PU leather.
TETRIX Professional Cosmetic BagA multipurpose case that can pass off as a sling bag, this makeup bag will hold all your products. It has a main compartment with a flap in the front, and the flap has a small hanger hook, making it easy to hang on a peg and pull out whatever you need. The flap also has zipper compartments on the inside. There are side sections that have elastic loops, making it ideal for makeup brushes, toothbrushes, and other tubes.This makeup box comes with side sections.
House of Quirk Makeup Storage CaseA great case for your cosmetics, this one comes with a number of compartments. There are a bunch of pockets on the inner side of the cover for your brushes and pencils. This section has a flap to cover it too. The main section has four compartments that can be divided even further with dividers. You can easily store your lipsticks, compacts, eye shadow cases, and foundation/concealer bottles without them getting mixed up.This make up case comes with a flap cover and multiple compartments for easy storage.

INOVERA (LABEL) Nylon Makeup CaseAnother one that has many compartments for all your cosmetics, this one is great for travel purposes. It will easily fit in your suitcase, and if you don’t want to put it in your luggage, there's a carry handle that makes it convenient for you to carry around. It's got a smooth surface so it can be easily cleaned, and it's available in over a dozen colours.It is available in multiple colours and is easy to clean because of its smooth surface.

House of Quirk Double Layer Makeup BagHere's the ultimate makeup case for all skincare and cosmetic lovers. There's one compartment on the top that can be used to store all your toiletries like face wash, body wash, hairbrush, dental kit, etc. And the bottom section is the bigger one that has multiple compartments for your cosmetics and skincare products. This kit is ideal for travel.
The bottom section of this makeup has multiple compartments for easy storage.

ISVIN PolyesterThis waterproof makeup bag is a great choice when you are travelling. It has two main compartments and a number of smaller sections that can hold your makeup brushes, compact cases, lipsticks, foundation, concealer, and much more. It's even got a little bag tag that has a mirror, so that you can check on your makeup anytime.This bag is waterproof.