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wall sticker for home wall décor in India

wall sticker for home wall décor in India
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Who doesn’t like to decorate the walls of their home? But the idea seems too hassling and many give up on their wishes as not everyone can get themselves expensive paintings, lightings, and other decorative fixtures. So how do you fill-up the emptiness of the walls in your house?

Beautiful nature inspired wall decals, which are also known as wall stickers, can be used as a great alternative as decor options. These decals with nature’s essence will light up your home space and add freshness to your space.

We’ve listed some great decal options to choose from so you can accessorise and upgrade the empty walls of your home.

Decals Design StickersKart Wall Stickers Tree with Birds and Cages


With a coverage of 140 cm x 110 cm when stuck over a wall, this lovely decal will add nature’s warmth into your room. Made from PVC Vinyl material, this decal is just an ‘easy-peel, easy-stick’ accessory for the house decor. Just peel the pre-cut pieces, follow the numbering and paste the stickers. One must care that the wall on which this product is placed is free from any dust, other contamination & moisture. This waterproof decal must be pressed after sticking over a wall to eliminate any bubbles.Brown Decal With Birds, Cages & Trees Designs

Decals Design 'Flowers Branch' Wall Sticker


This glorious and blooming decal comes in a matte finish, and its multicolours in pinks and greens will instantly add much life to your room. This eco-friendly decal covers a wall area of 155 cm x 115 cm. The product is recommended to be used on a clean, grease-free & moisture-free wall for best results. Eliminate air bubbles with a second-press over the decal after sticking. Simply follow the numbering while pasting the sticker pieces.Eco-friendly Colourful Decal With Floral Design

Amazon Brand - Solimo Wall Sticker for Living Room (Ride through Nature), Multicolour

Popular Choice

This vibrant decal is meant for walls, tiles and other smooth surfaces. The wall coverage you get from this sticker is 140 cm x 100 cm. The cycle, the tree, the road and the birds in this particular decal design are perfect for the kid’s room, living room or any space as per your wishes. Follow the instructions on the sticker to easily stick all the pre-cut pieces on an area. Clean & tidy surface will enable smooth sticking results from the decal and if there’s any contamination on that surface, the sticker may come off.Multihued Decal With Ride Through Nature Pattern

Decals Design 'Flamingos and Bamboo at Sunset' Wall Sticker

Also Consider

This design is particularly popular amongst couples as the flamingos, the bamboos and the sunset ignite a romantic feel into the picture. The pinks and the oranges in this decal design can lift up anyone’s mood in an instance. This environment-friendly design covers 150 cm x 125 cm area on a wall or surface. It is advised not to stick this product on a wet, dusty or oily surface. Instructions and numbering have been provided for easy sticking experience of this decal design.Colourful Decal With Flamingo Couple & Nature

Decals Design Wall Sticker For Living Room Peacock Birds Nature

Top Pick

Peacocks are the most vibrant birds with the beauty of innumerable colours on their wings. This multicoloured toxin-free PVC Vinyl sticker is going to transform your home space into an immersive nature sightseeing sanctuary. You get 100 cm x 60 cm wall covering with this decal, which must be placed only on a clean and oil-free surface. Reader instruction is a part of the pack for easy placement of the decal.Multicoloured Peacocks In Nature Pattern

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