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Best Refrigerator (fridge) top covers in India

Best Refrigerator (fridge) top covers in India
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We’re so used to opening and closing the fridge door while cooking that we don’t realise when we’ve used dirty hands to do so. Sometimes, when we’re hasty, things spill even inside the fridge. To avoid all this hassle of cleaning out the fridge, you could just opt for a good quality fridge cover that will do the trick. We have the best ones listed for you here.

LOOMANTHA miles to go.... Waterproof Refrigerator Covers Combo Pack of 1Pc Refrigerator Top Cover, 1Pc Handle Cover and 4Pc Refrigerator Drawer MatsThis combo refrigerator pack from Loomantha contains one top cover, one handle cover and four drawer mats for the refrigerator. The covers are extremely light in weight and waterproof, which makes them very durable for long-term use. The top cover has six pockets, three on each side for utilising it to keep important stuff like keys, etc. Made from high quality material, these covers and mats have a vibrant and warm vibe.Comes with an anti-bacterial surface and is very easy to clean.

Factcore – Refrigerator CoverThis refrigerator cover combo is all you need to keep your fridge safe. It comes with three fridge mats, two handle covers and a top cover. You can easily remove them and wash them once in a while. This way, you don’t have to worry about stains on the handle, food stains on the fridge shelves and dust accumulating on the top surface.High-quality fabric and plastic, easy to wash, and very durable.

Kanushi Industries - Fridge Top CoverThe Kanushi refrigerator top cover is attractive and vibrant along with being super resilient. This polyester fridge top cover comes with six pockets, three on either side for you to store any day-to-day kitchen essentials. The base of the cover is magnetic rubber that will stick to the fridge and not slide off. Take it off every few weeks and hand wash or machine wash it.Combo pack available, easy to maintain, appealing design, and has a long life.

Loomantha – Refrigerator CoverBold colours and vibrant designs, this cover set will change the look of your refrigerator to make it look more modern and stylish. The mats can be used in kitchen drawers or on the coffee table as well. The material will not let any water or oil seep through and cause damage to the fridge surface. The top cover will prevent any dust accumulation on the top surface of the fridge. You can blindly go ahead and buy this set for your home.Available in pink and blue, top cover has six pockets, and the set is very robust

Kuber Industries – Refrigerator CoverYou can take your pick from a variety of colours, designs and combo options when it comes to the Kuber Industries refrigerator cover. These top covers, fridge mats and handle covers are of premium quality fabric and plastic, will last you a very long time, and they are attractive to look at. It will protect your fridge from dust, stains and spills.Trendy designs, good-quality PVC material