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Smart water purifiers with RO and UV filtration in India

Smart water purifiers with RO and UV filtration in India
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Water purifiers have become an essential appliance in today's life. The purifiers ensure you drink safe and pure water and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The multi filtration stage processes help in removing impurities and ensure you drink clean water. The availability of different sizes and designs make them fit almost every kitchen. They can be used either by mounting on a wall or putting it on a table. To help you drink pure water, we have listed some of the best water purifiers with RO and UV filtration available in India.

Eureka Forbes AquaSure from Aquaguard Delight (RO+UV+MTDS) 7L water purifier,6 stages of purification (White)This compactly designed water purifier from Eureka Forbes features RO+UV+MTDS technology which helps in the multi-stage purification process. The 7-litre storage tank provides sufficient space and ensures no water shortage. It allows you to save electricity with its auto switch-off mode when the tank gets full. Also, the mineral cartridge helps in maintaining pH level and the original taste by removing the impurities in the water. To keep a track of the tank status, it comes with a smart LED indicator.The LED indicator allows you to check the water availability, power mode and purification.

Livpure Glo RO+UV+Mineraliser+6 Stage Purification+7 Ltr Electric Water Purifier for HomeDrink safe with this water purifier by Livpure. This RO+UV+mineralizer purifier ensures continuous water supply all the time thanks to its storage capacity of 7 litres. Its six-stage purification process should allow you to drink pure and safe water. It provides you with 12 litres of purified water per hour. Its elegant and sleek design should make it look good in your kitchen.The advanced filtration ensures you drink pure water every time.

KENT Supreme 2020 (11111), Wall Mountable, RO + UF + TDS Control + UV in Tank, 8 L Tank, White, 20 LPH Water PurifierThis water purifier from Kent helps you retain essential minerals in water with the TDS controller. To make the water pure and safe, it has a multiple-stage purification process of RO+UF+TDS with UV disinfection in the tank. Its storage capacity of 8-litres should ensure a continuous supply of water. This wall-mounted purifier has an ABS constructed body that makes it corrosion-free and long-lasting. Also, the water level indicator allows you to keep track of the availability of water.It can be wall-mounted easily.

HUL Pureit Eco Water Saver Mineral RO+UV+MF wall mounted/Counter top Black 10L Water PurifierThis water purifier from HUL Pureit notifies you 15 days before the germ kill kit's expiry date with its advanced alert system. The 10-litre storage tank should make it suitable for large families. Its 7-stage advance purification process with RO+UV+MF ensures 100% safe water by removing viruses, bacteria and other impurities. The eco recovery technology should help you reduce water wastage and provide more efficient purification.The sufficient water storage capacity makes it suitable for large families.

AQUA LIBRA WITH DEVICE Water Purifier with Active Copper RO+UV+UF+TDS Water FilterThis water purifier from Aqua Libra features an active copper filter that kills bacteria and helps enhance the digestive system. The multiple stage purification process of UV+UF+RO ensures safe and healthy drinking water. Its UV purification method helps to disinfect water from bacteria effectively. Also, it features reverse osmosis technology that should help in removing contaminants efficiently.The good quality filters help remove impurities effectively.

V-Guard Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier - 7LThis water purifier from V-Guard claims to be made for Indian water conditions. The long-lasting filters and 7-stage advanced purification process should allow you to drink safe and pure water. The wide RO membrane ensures better water flow and removes TDS and heavy metals. It features an advanced hollow fiber UF membrane that makes the water crystal clear and removes microbes. It has a storage capacity of 7-litres that should make it suitable for large families.The advanced purification process makes the water safe to drink.