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Treasure your best memories in these photo frames

Treasure your best memories in these photo frames
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It’s all about the memories, isn’t it? What is life if you don’t have happy, sad and bittersweet memories to look back on. A photo frame allows you to keep your favourite memories alive. Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and any other memory that takes you back to a happy time can be captured in a photo and framed in your home. Here’s a list of some of the most aesthetic photo frames you can buy for your home.

Incredible Gifts IndiaWe’re always running out of gift ideas for our loved ones. Here is a photo frame that makes for a great gift. You send in a photo and Incredible Gifts India will engrave it on a wooden plaque that becomes a photo frame. You could write a message along with the picture and choose the size and shape you prefer. It will look great on a tabletop, mantel or above a bed.Made from beech wood and has a clean finish.

Art StreetAnother set of 6 photo frames that can be considered for your home. The frames have wide rims that give it an abstract, modern effect, and they come in different sizes. A 6x8 photo is what is best suited for it. They are white frames, and so will blend in on any background. You can think of redesigning and personalising your living space with these frames.Unbreakable plexi glass, secure hanging hardware. Makes a great gift.

Amazon Brand – SolimoThis set of 6 photo frames can decorate your living room or bedroom wall. You can either put them all up on the wall to make an abstract shape or to form a rectangular shape. If you don’t want so many photo frames up on the wall, you can keep a few on a mantel or in a showcase. They are all different sizes, and of the best quality.Made from synthetic wood and premium quality glass

Ajanta Royal Classic set of 12 Individual Photo Frames (12-6x8 Inch) - WPC-13This set of photo frames from Ajanta Royal Store is a classic set of twelve photo frames. Made up of high quality synthetic wood, these photo frames are not only classy but also very sturdy. With these amazing wall mounted frames, keep your loved ones close and their memories even closer.Can be hanged both horizontally and vertically according to the orientation of the picture.

Painting Mantra & Art StreetThis charming piece will brighten up the look of the room it’s kept it. Everyone will want a second glance at it. It’s a white frame with a beautiful intricate design. You can choose from multiple designs including circles, clovers, hearts and flowers. It’s classy, attractive and will bring the photo to life.Premium engineered wood, high quality glass, and easy installation

AmazonBasicsSimple, elegant and sturdy, this photo frame can be kept on your office table, in a showcase or hanging up in your living room. Available in silver and black, it will look good vertically as well as horizontally. A wedding memory or the photo of a loved one who has passed will be a perfect fit for this frame.Strong glass, thick rim and will hold a 4x6 photo.