Wind Chimes - the music to ears

Wind Chimes - the music to ears
Looking out for a peaceful lifestyle? Wind chimes are music to ears as they dance in the breeze. They are musical, bright-coloured and can be great pieces for decoration. Wind chimes are excellent means of entertainment as well. One can just keep looking at wind chimes in their pass time as these jingle along. Traditionally, it was considered that the sound produced by wind chimes can cure illnesses! Let us say hello to happiness and take a look at these beautiful wind chimes.


Wind Chimes - the music to ears
Rainbows are a beautiful sight! A sweet melody along with the multicolour creation is divine. This wind chime offers just that. It is multicoloured and benefits every background. A popular choice, this wind chime is super trendy and adds charm to a modest house. A multicolour, 30 Inch wood metal wind chime.

Lilone Brass Wind Chime

Wind Chimes - the music to ears
Tinkling of bells brings in peace and harmony, no doubt Santa uses it too! A charming red and golden wind chime is a cute choice to be hung on doors and windows. The melodious sound produced by this chime brings calmness to the environment. 24 Inch, multicolour, beautiful brass wind chime

Shabana Art Potteries Terracotta Wind Chime

Wind Chimes - the music to ears
A balcony looks incomplete without some handicrafts. A Terracotta wind chime is surely a great choice. The matte finish gives it an elegant look. The sweet looking bell shaped wind chime makes a great gifting option. One can even combine it with other pottery items and create an excellent set of artistic handicrafts to decorate your backyard. A handmade, designer pottery wind chime.

CALDIPREE Bamboo wind chimes Dream catcher

Wind Chimes - the music to ears
One often feels that we’re not doing enough for Mother Earth. Be a proud owner of this handicraft. This wind chime is eco-friendly and is made from renewable resources. Being made of bamboo, every time wind passes through it, it produces heart warming sweet sounds. The nylon rope used in it makes it extremely durable. Handmade, ecological, bamboo wind chime.

PATHONOR Upgraded Solar Wind Chime, Color-Changing Solar LED Mobile Wind Chime Waterproof Six Hummingbird Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes - the music to ears
Love to be in trend? Get this trendy, gorgeous multi-purpose wind chime! It works as wind chime throughout the day and a beautiful colour changing lamp by night. Being made of glass, it never fades and continues to shine for years. It doesn’t require batteries and provides constant entertainment. Being a smart product, it recognises the light intensity in the surrounding and uses the stored energy accordingly. A solar charged LED designer glass wind chime.

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