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2023 Diversity and Compensation Report (UK)

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2023 Diversity and Compensation Report (UK)


The following is Insider's latest Diversity and Compensation Report (UK). It provides critical data that enables us to track our diversity and equity progress on an annual basis.

The report looks at our UK workforce as of March 15, 2023 as compared to the previous two years. Any changes since that time (e.g., new hires, promotions, departures) will not be reflected in this report. For the sake of simplicity, our compensation data does not weigh such factors as experience and/or area of focus.

We know that diversity makes us stronger and better every day. Our goal is to work towards progress over time. And we strive to be innovative and creative in how we attract, support, and develop talent from diverse backgrounds.

For the second year in a row, we have partnered with Littler Mendelson, a law firm that specialises in pay equity analysis and DEI, to help us better evaluate our diversity data on a year-over-year basis. Our goal is to provide insights and reveal trend lines that will enable us to continue to make progress in our efforts.

Here are key highlights of the report:

  • The overall racial diversity of our workforce has remained consistent.
  • The pay gap for female employees increased by 4 pence.
  • The pay gap for BIPOC employees saw a significant improvement of 11 pence.
  • The new hire population saw drops both in gender diversity and race/ethnicity.


The following is an overview of Insider UK using demographic and pay data as of March 15, 2023. There are 119 full-time staff members reflected in this report. Of those, 46 are considered leadership (defined as Director/Deputy Editor level and above).

To maintain employee anonymity for members of groups with smaller representation, race/ethnicity is aggregated into three categories: Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC); white; and Undisclosed.

Insider UK Workforce

Figures 1 and 2 illustrate the demographic composition of our Insider UK workforce. Insider UK has a higher percentage of both female and white employees, and both percentages have remained consistent since 2021. The percentage of male, BIPOC, and Undisclosed race percentages has also remained relatively consistent.

Insider UK New Hires

We pay special attention to the demographics of new hires because they shape our future workforce. Our 2021 report accounted for 25 new hires and 2022 accounted for 40 new hires. This current report accounts for 35 new hires. This relatively small sample size is likely a significant contributing factor to the volatility we see in our analysis.

Since 2021, the gender composition has continued to approach a more equal split in representation.

Figure 3

We see similar volatility in percentages across the race/ethnicity distribution of new hires. Since 2022, BIPOC representation has dropped by 14 percentage points.

Figure 4


Figures 5 and 6 depict the relative pay of female and BIPOC employees relative to their compare groups (males/white). It's important to note that although the following figures indicate the existence of a small pay gap, these calculations do not consider legitimate factors for differences in pay such as experience and type of work.

On average in 2023, female Insider UK employees are paid 90 cents for each dollar of male pay, a drop of four pence since the previous year. BIPOC UK employees are paid 95 pence for each dollar of white pay, an 11 pence improvement since 2022.

Figure 5

Figure 6

How we'll continue to make progress


  • In Editorial, we created new training sessions, workshops, panels, and guides for 2022/2023, including programming around inclusive reporting on the trans community, sessions on how to better cover disability, and talks on beating imposter syndrome. We continue to support applications to numerous external workshops and trainings.
  • The Learning and Development team has continued to add more diverse coaches and a broader range of topics to their roster.
  • Mandatory DEI training and a revamped unconscious bias training for all of Insider will be rolled out in 2023.

Building Partnerships

  • We continue to partner with the The Journalism Diversity Fund (JDF) for the third year running, contributing to the funding of bursaries awarded to journalists from diverse backgrounds to complete their NCTJ journalism training. We actively chair bursary panels with the JDF that reward JDF recipients with bursaries, giving opportunities to enter the journalism industry. We have launched a mentorship scheme for JDF candidates to be mentored by Insider UK journalists and are hosting a "Speed Mentorship" event designed to give exposure to Insider UK senior business journalists and aid JDF candidates growth into our industry.
  • We have partnered with The Aziz Foundation, which focuses on championing British Muslims to gain meaningful employment, with one candidate starting their video focused fellowship with Insider UK.
  • We hosted two Insider panel events with the Journalism Diversity Fund and NCTJ to provide recipients of the JDF with information about starting a career in journalism.
  • We are continuing to develop a university and college outreach programme to promote Insider fellowship opportunities to universities across the UK, with a focus on lower socio-economic areas of the country.
  • We are partnering with Diversity Mark NI to help prioritise DEI efforts within Belfast's thriving tech community.
  • In addition to our partnerships, Insider is continuing its US-based Displaced Journalist Fellowship, along with our other dedicated fellowships (NABJ, TJA, NLGJA, and HBCU).
  • Insider has continued to invest in our team members, sending them to affinity conferences to learn from other journalists in the industry.

Investment in DEI

  • In order to further support our employees, we've promoted Fritzie Andrade to Head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for all of Insider. In the newsroom, Kadia Tubman has taken over the role of Managing Editor, DEI. Together they will use the lens of DEI to work with staff and leadership to improve our work and culture.
  • Joel Marino, a five-year Insider veteran with a background in Latino and LGBTQ+ media, will oversee a new department – Workplace Experience (WEX) –that merges our learning and development efforts with our employee experience endeavours. The goal of the new department is to help bring theory into practice. Joel will work with WEX Manager Monica Araujo on in-office and virtual events, panels, outings, and more. Two big objectives are to get our hybrid workforce to connect more with each other, as well as coaching efforts to help our staff find mentorship.
  • Q4 of 2023 will see the relaunch of company ERGs. These will be in addition to currently existing ERGs (Women in Tech, Work in Progress and the UK DEI "All Inclusive" ERG).