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Seeking nominations for Insider's 100 People Transforming Business series

Elisa Xu   

Seeking nominations for Insider's 100 People Transforming Business series
  • The 4th edition of the 100 People Transforming Business will launch in November. We are looking for transformative leaders across 10 sectors that reflect global business trends.
  • This year, we are interested in who our readers think are transforming business. Business leaders of all backgrounds can be nominated in the form below.

Calling all business transformers! Insider is excited to announce the $4 series is coming back for its 4th edition this November.

As one of Insider's most prestigious and comprehensive lists, editors from across our newsroom nominate 100 exceptional leaders who are innovating, driving change, and challenging the status quo in 10 different industries.

This Year's Business Trends

2022 has been a year full of global disruptions: supply chain crises, inflation, threats of economic recession, political conflict, and lingering pandemic uncertainty. We expect many of the Transformers and their businesses to be heavily impacted by these concerns and more. However, one goal of the series is to highlight the people innovating around these issues and perhaps even using these problems to leverage new strategies in their sectors.

Categories for 100 People Transforming Business

Our categories this year are: DEI, Sustainability, Healthcare, Money, Supply Chain, Transportation, Emerging Tech, Shopping, Entertainment and Real Estate. While most of the categories are similar to past years', Real Estate has been added to reflect how deeply the housing market is impacting large portions of the population. Before submitting a nomination for a Transformer, see the chart below for more detailed descriptions of what each category entails and which one aligns best with your candidate.

It may also help to take a look at last year's $4 series to see who made the list and gain insight into how our editors chose the Transformers to reflect the major business trends of the year.




DEI Transformers are influencing how corporate America (and the world) improve equity and representation in the workplace and how they implement new strategies to address changes in work culture, improve cultural competency and track progress.


These Transformers are the business leaders, engineers, scientists, activists, and nonprofit leaders at the forefront of sustainability efforts and climate change awareness. They should be directly involved with companies and organizations using new technologies and methods to address climate change and/or renewable energy.


Transformers should be leaders and innovators in the healthcare industry, in every arena from researchers and scientists, to healthcare professionals and clinicians. It can include a wide range of subsectors, from health insurance, to health and medical technology, to prominent doctors, specialists, scientists and leaders of health organizations. They must be directly involved with the discovery, invention or application of a game changing transformation in the health industry.


This category will focus on transformational leaders in banking, venture capital, quant, crypto, payment tech, and more. They should be spearheading the latest technology, impacting monetary policy, or changing the way people and businesses interact with the economy. They can be leaders in banking, investing, prominent economists and fintech entrepreneurs, crypto experts, and more.

Supply Chain

The transformers in this category should be those who are innovating in major supply chains and logistics companies. They are revolutionizing the way we move things from one place to another and supply the population with essential goods. This can include major suppliers and manufacturers of all sizes, last mile delivery solutions, robotics companies and more.


Which leaders and companies are leading the charge or breaking the status quo in how we transport people? This category will cover the innovators and companies transforming how people move from one place to another. Transformers in this list should reflect the major shifts and innovations in the transpo industry, including EVs, autos, urban planning (eg. buses, trains, metro, etc…) with some consideration given to the current challenges seen in the travel industry.

Emerging Tech

This category will focus on the people harnessing technology to solve problems and create opportunity. This can include a wide range of sectors on both the enterprise and consumer technology industries: including AI/machine learning, robotics, cybersecurity, wearables, biotech, and electronics. Avoid clean energy technology, since this would fall under the Sustainability category.


The Shopping category will focus on business leaders who are revolutionizing where and how people buy things. The Transformers should reflect how the retail industry as a whole (both brick-and-mortar and digital outlets) is adapting to consumer needs and trends mid-pandemic and what retail-focused technologies are shaping the future. In 2022 inflation, supply chain crises and global conflicts are major concerns for the retail sector. How are the nominees in this category addressing and adapting to these challenges?


This sector covers everything from advertising and marketing, to streaming services, production studios, social media, and the creator economy. The transformers in this sector are leveraging technology to create and deliver new sources of entertainment for audiences around the world. This list can include producers, streamers, podcasters, influencers, and entertainers/creatives of any kind! However they must be showing true innovation in their field or developing new audiences.

Real Estate

The nominations for this sector should be leaders addressing some of the existential challenges in the housing and commercial R/E markets. Given the past year of rising costs, booming demand and global supply chain issues, what are real estate professionals (landlords, agents, bankers, developers, technologists, etc…) doing to alleviate these problems and who is rising above these challenges to create new opportunities in the property market?

Nomination Process

This year, in addition to the editors' top picks, Insider wants to know: who do you think is transforming business? We want to hear from our audience about any notable business leaders in your community who are transforming their sector. After careful vetting and confirmation from our top desk editors, the final nominees in this list will be featured in a Reader's Choice section on the homepage of the $4. All of the finalists will be contacted directly by a series editor and given more specific details on how they will be featured.

Criteria and Methodology

This nomination is open to leaders in companies of all sizes, and we encourage candidates from all backgrounds to apply. A major consideration for the Transformers list is prioritizing a diverse range of leaders. Transformers can be of any race, gender, age, and hold any job title. We seek to highlight a variety of positions, not just CEOs and high-level executives. The most important factor is that the nominees in this list should embody business transformation! We want to feature people who are finding new solutions to big problems, positively impacting their communities, and align with one of the 10 categories (descriptions above) the Insider newsroom is focusing on this year.

All nominees need to be submitted through the form below by September 12. An editor will be in contact if your nominee is chosen to move forward.

Please note there is no fee to be featured on the list. The Transforming Business series is an editorial initiative to recognize excellence within business. Being a finalist in the list is not an invitation for a formal partnership nor an opportunity for paid sponsorship.


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