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These satellite images show almost the entire US covered in snow

Taylor Ardrey   

These satellite images show almost the entire US covered in snow
  • The US is covered in snow because of the deadly winter storm that left millions without power.
  • The Weather Channel reported that 73% of the country was covered in snow on Tuesday.
  • Satellite images show almost the entire US blanketed in snow.

Satellite images from NASA/NOAA satellites provided by Maxar show how the massive winter storm has blanketed the United States with ice and snow.

On Tuesday, 73% of the country was coated in snow, according to the Weather Channel. And the cold weather continued on Wednesday as CNN reported that frigid weather struck the south and central parts of the country that have been most impacted by brutally cold conditions.

As of Thursday, Maxar's WeatherDesk provided imagery showing three-quarters of the country covered in snow:

Residents across the country, especially in the South, have endured freezing weather and power outages. As of Wednesday afternoon, nearly 3 million people in Texas are still without power, according to Oregon, Kentucky, Louisiana, and West Virginia are other states highly affected by the outages.

At least 20 people have died in frigid weather-related incidents in Texas, Oregon, and Mississippi. Texas local news station KXAN tweeted that FEMA and the White House are stepping in to provide "power generators to Texas and are working to move diesel for power backup, in addition to blankets."

Austin Energy tweeted that consumers should be "prepared to not have power through Wednesday and possibly longer."

The storm has even disrupted the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine, as sites had to close due to the weather.

The New York Times reported that the East and South are set to endure another winter storm through Friday.

According to WABC-TV, the Tri-State is already preparing for the storm ahead and expects between 5-10 inches of snow.

"Snow and ice is forecast for a broad swath of the US through Friday night," the National Weather Service tweeted Wednesday. "Many of these areas have recently experienced significant impacts from wintry precipitation already this week."


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