INTERNET OF ME: The digital democracy masked under monarchy

INTERNET OF ME: The digital democracy masked under monarchy
Amy went to the supermarket to pick up some groceries. There, she found a new range of summer dresses. Those were exactly the ones she was looking for. An excited Amy tries them on. She likes the design. The print, material. and everything are just perfect.

But, there is just one problem. She wants it in the colour green. She asks the store assistant if they have something in green. The store assistant, unable to find one matching her requirement says 'sorry'. Amy is a little disappointed and continues with her grocery shopping. When she gets back home, there is a neatly wrapped package lying at her doorstep. She opens the parcel in a hurry. What’s waiting for her is a green dress! There is even a slab of cooking chocolate that she was supposed to buy at the supermarket, but forgot to. Who put it there? Did she have a stalker? No. It was her smartphone.

Welcome to the Internet of Me. Where you no longer need to say what you want, how you want, and when you want a thing. Everything is automatically logged, interpreted, affirmed, and delivered.

Today is the day, where your computers, gadgets, home appliances, homes, automobiles, and clothes talk to each other more than you ever have spoken to any human being.

There is no longer such a thing as the 'digital arm' of a company. What we have are 'digital hulks with the creative cape of batman'. They are bigger, aggressive powerful, extremely intelligent.. Developed to create a digital magnitude that is set to shake the world off of its feet for the better.

We have had an era of 'internet of things' for a long time now. The urge to make things personal by companies is bulging at the speed of light.

Every morning, there is a new algorithm that sits on the horizon to shine on your day, feeding you via the devices that run in your bloodstream and in the manner you breathe inside the universe called the internet.

Are we convenient in being used by companies so that we get better services?

The answer could be a yes and a no.

Yes, because, see how happy Amy was when she got the dress she wanted. Not to forget, the chocolate slab she had missed to pick up. Apparently, we have let our smart devices to get into our lives more than any psychiatrist has ever had the success in gaining access to the human mind. They are not just the better halves, they are in fact our better fulls. We may not be them. But they are definitely us, and yes 101.1% us.

The answer is to be no, because, lines are crossed. It has come to a stage where the companies don't understand or see where the lines were. Every business is now an eager beaver trying to create that unique and personal experience for the consumer, all in the quest for increasing the customer loyalty and setting the grass to conduct the game plan of the world of mouth.

The digital democracy is constructed and developed on a simple formula. Made for you, works for you, and maintained for you – goes the formula. But what we fail to question is, who makes them? Who works for you? Who maintains this digital ecosystem for you? It is them. It has always been them. The ones sending you newsletters, popping up on the sides of your browsing pages, making you feel – how in the heavens did they know what you were looking for!

IOM – Internet of Me is an astrologer who understands your digital chart and knows everything about your life. Again, it is us, who have given the chart to the astrologer.

Who gains?
Who else gains?
The world of Internet of me is working like 'the secret' philosophy, just that out here, it does so on a super-express delivery mode. There, you had to attract, put it out in the universe, and wait till the universe got back to you. Here, all you have to do is think it, and there you will see it. So who do you think is benefiting?