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Brand Capital makes a strategic investment in digital publishing with The Established

Brand Capital makes a strategic investment in digital publishing with The Established
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In a move that underlines the growing value of culturally significant content in the digital age, media startup The Established announced it has received an investment from Brand Capital – a Times Of India company.

Launched last year, The Established has, in a short span of time, made a name for itself as a champion of content that reflects the multifaceted interests of a new generation of Indians. The digital publishing company, known for pushing boundaries in areas like fashion, beauty, and societal issues, is now looking to redefine India's media landscape, fuelled by Brand Capital's backing.

In a statement from Brand Capital, CEO Sam Subramaniam said, “We are delighted to partner with The Established in their growth and success. Times Group audience and The Established community have tremendous synergy and we see that of great value, helping the company achieve scale and growth.”

The new investment is more than just a lifeline for growth and scalability. It also aims to shift from simply providing content to creating a platform for cultural dialogue.

Akash Sheth, Founder of The Established, highlighted the platform's potential to offer more to its community of readers. “Brand Capital’s belief in our vision and commitment to our growth is a testament to the potential they envision in our unique approach to content. We started super small but have been able to grow our readership substantially over the last 12 months. We have been, at the same time, successful in signing up marquee brands with native solutions. We are also super excited about our soon-to-launch e-commerce drop in the third quarter this year, giving our community access to a large set of curated homegrown and international brands. This investment will significantly accelerate our plans to expand and bring high-quality, inclusive content and commerce to a wider base,” he said.

The ambitions of The Established go far beyond the traditional scope of fashion and beauty coverage, according to Shruti Thacker, the company's Co-founder and Editorial Director. She emphasised their aim to scrutinise luxury through a cultural lens, fostering a global community that appreciates diversity and inclusion. “We are staunch advocates of the notion that the most profound discoveries arise from the fusion of diverse subjects and people. And our content delivers that.”

This strategic investment by Brand Capital is expected to enable The Established to extend its influence in the publishing world and provide its growing audience with even more compelling content. It also signals a shift in the nature of digital publishing, with content that not only entertains but also enriches the conversation among a new generation of consumers.

The story of The Established is a reminder that the digital media industry is continually evolving, and that investment opportunities may often be found in businesses that are not afraid to challenge the status quo. If successful, this venture will not just boost The Established's standing in the market, but also reshape the cultural fabric of India's digital landscape.

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