All tips and leaks suggests iPhone 7 is going to be a powerhouse performer and here’s everything you want to know

All tips and leaks suggests iPhone 7 is going to be a powerhouse performer and here’s everything you want to know

As we are getting closer to the launch of iPhone 7 the excitement is growing bigger and bigger afterall it is the most anticipated smartphone of the year. And as is the case every year this is the time for tipsters to shine. Any tip or leak on the new iPhone gets full attention from Apple fans across the world. We have put together all that we have learnt from leaks and tips out there so that you know what to expect.

When is it launching?

Since 2012, Apple has launched new iPhones in September and we hear that the tradition will continue with iPhone 7 as well. A respected tipster Evan Blass (@evleaks) has predicted the iPhone 7 will go on sale on 16th September which means that the actual launch date may fall in the first two weeks of September.
What’s it going to be like? Tell me all about it!


Let’s start with the physical design of the new iPhone 7, we hear that there is not going to be much tweaking on the design front. You can decide whether it’s a good thing or bad. But it’s likely to be slimmer than iPhone 6s (7.1mm). While there are strong rumours that iPhone 7 will be launched in the same four colour variants as iPhone 6s but we hear that Apple is also looking to introduce a Deep Blue colour variant with the iPhone 7. And there is a possibility to replace the popular Space Grey colour variant with Space Black colour. Apple may remove the mute button on the side and the two antenna bands at the back giving the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus a sleek simple mono-coloured back design.

Variants iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus/ iPhone 7 Pro
Enough about the design, this time around it is possible that there’s going to be not two but three iPhones launching together, iPhone 7(4.7inch), iPhone 7Plus (5.5inch) and a premium variant that maybe called iPhone 7 Pro. But don’t get too excited as it could very well be just a rumour as @evleaks says there is going to be just the two phones iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Storage 32GB/ 64GB/ 256GB
Whether it’s three or two variants, there are enough to talk about already. Its rumoured that Apple will finally do away with the 16GB base storage variant and replace it with a 32GB option, now that sure gets a thumbs up from us! And there is more, there is also strong rumour that suggest that there is going to be an option of 256GB storage capacity. While that’s great news we don’t know if it’s for all variants or just the top model.

There is good news here as well, we hear that iPhone 7 Plus will most likely bump up the RAM size to 3GB but we are not certain if it is something common for all variants or restricted to the top model.

Battery 1960mAh
One of the top tipster, Onleaks has reasons to believe that iPhone 7 will come packed with 1960mAh whereas the iPhone 6s had a 1715mAh battery. This is probably done to accommodate all the new hardware, mainly the new A10 processor that is expected to be the most powerful so far from Apple’s basket.

Dual camera
An image leak of iPhone 7 plus shows dual camera set up on the rear panel. A dual camera will boost the quality of image with better low-light performance to improved colour accuracy and faster autofocus. Both the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus variants are also rumoured to come with optical image stabilisation (OIS).

Dual SIM iPhone
It’s very hard to believe but we hear from yet another tipser that Apple may for the first time include a dual-sim variant.

Stereo Speakers
An image from Nowherelse shows that the iPhone 7 will come with two sets of stereo speakers, like the iPad Pro, on the top and bottom panels of the smartphone.

No 3.5mm headphone jack
The new iPhone 7 may do away with the 3.5mm headphone jack, doing that will not only improve audio experience but it will help build a much slimmer phone. Rumours of a Bluetooth or Lightning-powered set of EarPods have accompanied these leaks.

Smart Connector
Smart Connector was introduced with the iPad Pro for connecting the Smart Keyboard Cover and other accessories and there are rumours that iPhone 7 may come with one too, but could be only the top variant though, if at all.

Enough said, just tell me how much will it cost?

So we leave you with the best tip on pricing that we have got so far.

iPhone 7 (32GB) – Rs.52900
iPhone 7 (64GB) – Rs. 60,900
iPhone 7 256 GB – Rs. 70900
iPhone 7 Plus (32GB) – Rs. 60900
iPhone 7 Plus (128GB) – Rs. 68,900
iPhone 7 Plus(256GB) – Rs. 78900
iPhone 7 Pro (32GB) – Rs. 70,900
iPhone 7 Pro (128GB) – Rs. 78,900
iPhone 7 Pro (256GB) – Rs. 88,900

Image Source: Weibo