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It's an apps world!

It's an apps world!
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A decade ago, who would have thought that mobile applications would be such an integral part of our life someday? But as the technology is developing at rocket’s pace, new mobile applications, commonly called as apps, are being rolled out almost every day to make our life easier. Moreover, these mobile applications have transformed the global village into an apps world for better. Here is how.

1) Connected like never before

The emergence of messaging apps was like a revolution in the field of communication. Earlier, staying connected required effort, but now it’s more like a natural thing. It will not be wrong if I say that it is hard not to stay connected these days. Text messaging is accompanied with voice messaging, pictures and even videos. It has taken personal and group communication to another level. Apps like WhatsApp have caught up with all age groups around the world. It’s not only easy to use, but also adds so much value to our lives by connecting us with people.

2) Tap here for a chauffeur driven car

Worrying about arranging a cab for commuting, stressing out about parking space, cabs which rip off customers, et al are all problems of the past. With apps which facilitate transport like Uber and Ola, all you have to do is inform them. And your ride will be waiting for you at the specified time. Also, as these services are managed professionally, the charges are pre-decided. So, no need to drive when you don’t want to; there is no stress and you know how much you will be charged. Thanks goodness for these apps! Cabbing it up was never so simple.

3) Wallet in my mobile

One can now send and receive money, anytime and anywhere by simple accessing the phone. Thanks to mobile wallets, which have made that possible. These wallets also enable you to shop online, buy movie tickets, facilitate recharges and pay for other services instantly. Also, you don’t have to worry about leaving the wallet home or not having enough change. Mobile wallets are here to your rescue! One must note that mobile wallet apps like Paytm also offer discounts.

4) Yummy apps

Finding out about nearby restaurants, looking at the menu card, checking out what people think about the place and even booking a table; all this is now at your fingertips. Food apps are like a blessing, especially for foodies. Apps like Zomato even help discover small quaint eateries which serve delicious food. It’s safe to say that these food apps serve well! Many apps offer discounts if you order food online. Delicious deal!

5) Stay updated - plan and manage better!

Whether it’s managing finances, events or your time, there are apps available to do it for you. Stay updated with latest news, market trends and everything else that you needed to know. These apps have pop up notifications that keep you updated, enable you to set personal reminders, help you manage appointments, et al. There are summary reports available so that you know exactly what kept you busy and what made money for you. Are you wondering what your secretary would do now?

6) Shop till the battery dies!

Online shopping has caught on for a while now. And now, eCommerce portals like Myntra and Flipkart are going the app only route. For many of us who are so tied up owing to hectic work life, shopping on apps is convenient as you can browse across categories, compare products and just tap to buy. Mind you, one can do all of that while on the move. So, there is no more need to waste your weekend in the mall!

Apps have the power to bring the world closer and expand our thought horizons. Let’s make the most of these apps by staying updated to make our lives better.

About the author: Rajiv Raj is the Director and Co-Founder of
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