Jimmy Kimmel Pranks People with 'Scented iPhone' On 'Lie Witness News'


A Japanese company has a new iPhone accessory called Scentee, a device that plugs into your phone and releases the scent of your choice whenever you get a text message or email.


The device costs $35 and each cartridge, which lasts 100 puffs, costs $50.

Jimmy Kimmel told his audience about the new technology Wednesday night, noting that "It's great for people who love their phone but wish it was more like a candle."

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But unfortunately, Scentee is only available in Japan.

So in true Kimmel fashion, the late night host sent his "Lie Witness News" team out on the streets to trick people with a simple piece of plastic attached to an iPhone.


After naming specific scents into the phone, people's reactions were priceless: "This is a futuristic iPhone!" "Well I'll be damned!" and "That's crazy!"

Watch the funny segment below: