Jon Stewart had a lot of fun with the latest GOP candidate's bizarre launch video


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Comedy Central

"The Daily Show" tackles Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal (R).

"The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart was very amused by Lousiana Gov. Bobby Jindal's (R) unorthodox 2016 presidential campaign announcement.

Jindal kicked off his uphill White House campaign on Wednesday by releasing a hidden camera video of him telling his kids about his White House plans. 

That video struck many reporters and other political observers as strange - especially because the children had a relatively muted reaction to the big reveal. Stewart agreed with this assessment and jokingly suggested that it was an ominous sign for Jindal's campaign.

"I am not a political scientist. I am obviously not a campaign manager. [However,] I believe a sign that your campaign may be in trouble when you cannot carry a majority of your immediate family," Stewart quipped.

Stewart noted that the children appeared to get far more excited about a nearby turtle.


"It turns out Jindal's kids found his presidential announcement less interesting than literally everything else in the backyard," he said.

Watch below: