Elon Musk ran a nightclub out of his college house to pay rent


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Elon Musk's knack for making money apparently goes way back.

During his time at the University of Pennsylvania, the billionaire visionary and his roommate Andeo Ressi, an entrepreneur and investor, converted their college house into a nightclub so they could make money to pay rent, according to a report from Vogue.

For Musk, though, the blowout parties were strictly business.

"There were some nights where I'd be like, 'Where's Elon?' and I'd go up to his room and pound on the door and he's in there alone playing a video game," Ressi told Vogue.


While Musk's college years may have been full of parties, his time in high school was more difficult.

Musk was often the target of bullying during his teenage years, according to the Vogue story. One time he was even beaten so bad by bullies at school that he was hospitalized.

"South Africa was quite a violent place," Musk told Vogue. "There was a level of violence growing up that wouldn't be tolerated in any American school. It was like Lord of the Flies. There were a couple of gangs that were pretty evil, and they picked their victims and I was one of them. I think part of what set them off was that I ended up sticking up for this one kid who they were relentless on. And that made me a target."

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