Lay's has a new concept and it was released at the Milan Design Week

Lay’s is known for being the world’s most popular potato chip brand but one must wonder what is it doing at a design week.

Lay’s Chiperie, is a concept that wants to showcase the Lay’s brand in an entirely new avatar to celebrate the past, embrace the present and envision a future of food and beverage through an interactive design-led installations inspired by the shapes, colors and textures of Lay’s.

The concept has brought a talented, prodigious chef of international acclaim, to create recipes using the favorite Lay’s chips, such as tornado fries, spiral potato chip sticks and so on.

Business Insider caught up with Gastronomical Chef Andrea Mainardi who is the official Chef for Lay’s Chiperie. The effervescent chef is one of Italy’s most popular chefs and TV hosts and he has risen to fame with his Officina Cucina (Workshop Kitchen) restaurant in Brescia, Italy; where he serves an elaborate 10-course meal at a single table to his patrons.

Excerpts from the interaction:

Business Insider: How would you describe Lay's as a brand?


Andrea: Lay’s is a fun and iconic brand that is known for great taste and flavours. Potato chips are a versatile snack that have immense potential of being presented and served in different variations. With the Lay’s Chiperie, I had an opportunity to redefine the way potato chips can be enjoyed and to showcase the versatility of Lay’s chips by exhibiting how different flavors, techniques and combinations can come together to create a culinary experience that can be enjoyed by everyone.
Business Insider: Which classic Lay's flavor has been your favorite?

Andrea: Lay’s Bacon, because it reminds me of Sunday lunches with family, it gives me this sense of bonding that I love.
Business Insider: What is the concept behind Lay’s Chiperie? How do you relate to it?
Andrea: With the event at Milan Design Week Lay’s really celebrated the potato chip and the ingredients and flavors of the classic snack. For me it was an opportunity to apply exciting flavor combinations and cooking techniques to re-imagining the potato chip.

Business Insider: The Lay’s Chiperie will explore the evolution of the potato chip beyond the bag and create a sensory experience that elevates the tasty snack. How do you plan on re-imagining the potato chip?

Andrea: We used bold flavors combinations like Gorgonzola ice cream and Lay’s Bacon and interesting cooking techniques like smoking and liquid nitrogen technique to deliver bite sized snacks prepared fresh in front of a live audience and served on or inspired by potato chips. I built my restaurant in Brescia so that I could interact with the guests and this was a very similar experience where each bite was created on the spot and watching the transformation of the ingredients, taking in the scents as the herbs where chopped or the dish was smoked, all contribute to the culinary experience.
Business Insider: For a chef, the ingredients of a dish hold a special place. How do you see the humble potato in your kitchen?

Andrea: Potato is an essential ingredient. It can be used either as a side dish or as the protagonist of the plate. It has a taste on which everyone agrees.