Leaked Video Of What Could Be The iPhone 6's Flexible Sapphire Screen Cover


Your next iPhone may come with a feature you weren't expecting: added flexibility.


The bendable sapphire screen cover is expected to appear on the 5.5-inch iPhone coming out this fall, according to 9to5Mac.

As the expected launch date of the iPhone 6 draws ever closer, we've been closely following the numerous photo and design leaks around Apple's flagship hardware.

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The company is expected to release two phones this September - one 5.5 inches and one 4.7 inches. Here's what the iPhone 6 might look like.

We haven't heard anything from Apple on whether we should expect sapphire glass on the iPhone 6, but the company has made payments to glass maker GTA for approximately 100 million to 200 million iPhone screen covers, 9to5Mac reports.


Though bending the glass is cool, adding it to the iPhone would also enhance the handset's overall durability and resistance to scratches and the like.

Just because the glass bends doesn't mean you'll be able to snap your next iPhone in half, however. We've seen bendable glass on Android handsets like the LG G Flex.

Based on what the Flex can do, we should expect sapphire glass to improve the iPhone's resistance to direct pressure (as in when you drop it). Sapphire glass would also make the iPhone potentially more comfortable to hold in your hand.

Apple blogger Sonny Dickson seems pretty impressed:

Watch it bend: