Learning strategy from sports: Reverse innovations and Dhoni’s helicopter shot

Learning strategy from sports: Reverse innovations and Dhoni’s helicopter shotHistorically, MNCs in developed countries looked at developing countries as a place, mainly, to sell their goods or to get resources. They did minimum research and development in developing countries and that too just to adjust the offering to the local markets.

However, now the trend is changing and developing countries have also become a place for innovations not only for the local markets but for global markets too. Developing countries are becoming a place for innovating at a lower cost than that in the developed countries.

Increasing number of MNCs from developed countries such as General Electric, etc are innovating in developing countries and taking these innovations in their home country as well as other countries. Prof. Vijay Govindrajan has studied this phenomenon and has named it as Reverse Innovation.

The strategic humour story “Learning Strategy from Sports: Reverse Innovations and Dhoni’s Helicopter Shot!” shares that developing countries can be a good source for innovations for the rest of the world as well!

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(The article is authored by Prof. Rajesh K. Pillania is judged Best Faculty for Strategic Management in India by ASSOCHAM & Education Post and is ranked jointly #1 for research productivity among management professors in India. He is author of Strategic Humour: Democratising Strategy and is forthcoming book is Love Strategy: A New Perspective on Love, Relationships, Life and Strategy. He is faculty of Strategy with MDI, Gurgaon.)