Let customers do the ‘Marketing’ part for you...

Let customers do the
‘Marketing’ part for you...What's the only thing superior to doing extraordinary digital marketing? Having your customers do your marketing for you!

Viral Growth Hacking is about achieving growth by enrolling the assistance of your current customers to spread the word and develop your brand. Why is viral growth important? Consider if each new customer you acquire dependably enrolls to two of their friends, both of whom additionally become customers. That implies you can truly afford to spend three times as much to acquire that original customer on the grounds that the aggregate resulting worth is really 3X what it would be if the original customer had not spread the word to her two friends.

The question here is how?

Giving out branded merchandise is one of the most established methods of getting your customers to handle marketing for you. Things being what they are, half of the people who get promotional products from a company build up a better opinion of the company. Far superior, around 80% of people cling to branded merchandise as they believe it's useful.

Another effective strategy is to offer product upgrades to clients in exchange for bringing you new business. For instance, each new customer who joins as a result of a referral from a companion receives a reward.


You can begin by soliciting testimonials from happy customers, offering only your gratitude in return, then from that point, work on your top picks and connect with these customers personally to talk about how you can cooperate to advance and share their stories. This individual touch to your customer relationship will make them feel acknowledged and more prone to need to sing your praises to the world.