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Levi's is finally making a perfectly fitting jean

Levi's is finally making a perfectly fitting jean
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Levi's jeans 505 c


The Levi's 505 is a cultural icon.

Levi's doesn't release new fits often. So when they do, it's a pretty big deal.

For the longest time, there were two Levi's fits that worked for every guy looking for a skinnier jean: the relatively straight-fitting 511 (slim) and the thigh-hugging 510 (skinny).

But what about guys looking for the ever-elusive slim-skinny cut? One that fits close to the skin, with a nice taper down to the ankle?

Finally, Levi's has a solution. It does not come in the form of the 510 and a half, though, as you may have expected.

Instead, it's a revival of Levi's legendary 505 cut, called the 505C. The original 505 was a slim-cut jean born in 1967 and made famous by The Ramones, the Rolling Stone's Sticky Fingers album cover, and counterculture groupies everywhere.

Levi's already sells a 505 cut jean, but the 505C takes the slim cut and gives it an update with an even slimmer fit, a medium rise, and a more modern look.

"In terms of where it sits in the Levi's menu, it's between a 511, what I call the every-guy contemporary jeans, and the 510, which is the first of our skinny fits. It fits on this lovely cusp between slim and skinny," Jonathan Cheung, Levi's head of design, told GQ.



The cusp of slim and skinny is exactly what you should be wearing today, as we slowly move away from the ultra-skinny fits popular in the last 2000s and early 2010s. Levi's seems to realize that now is the perfect time to bring back this iconic style and fit. Cheung even references the 505 as a "dad jean," and as we've said before, the dad jean is back.

The 505c comes in a variety of colors named after The Ramones' famous stage names, and has styles for both men and women retailing for $98.

Levi's 505


Levi's 505 C in various colors and shades.

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