Lion King overtakes Frozen as the highest grossing 'animated' film of all time but still has a long way to go India

Lion King overtakes Frozen as the highest grossing 'animated' film of all time but still has a long way to go India
Lion King has beaten out Frozen as the the highest grossing animated movie of all timeDisney

  • Lion King has beaten Frozen as the highest grossing animated movie of all time worldwide.
  • But, in India, Lion King is yet to beat The Jungle Book's total earnings.
  • Lion King's success worldwide is largely driven by the overseas market where its earnings are double of what it pulled in domestically.
The remake of the Disney's 1992 hit, Lion King, is killing it at the box office. The movie grossed over $1.3 billion worldwide to beat Frozen as the highest earning animated movie of all time according to CinemaBlend.

But, Frozen isn't the move to beat for Indian audiences.

The Jungle Book — also directed by Jon Favreau — earned ₹268 crore in India while Lion King stands at nearly half of that, ₹145 crore, as of Saturday. Nonetheless, analysts at Box Office India predict that the movie is likely to join the ₹150 crore club once the final weekend numbers are in.

Lion King also has a few weeks in its pocket before its pulled from the screen giving it some time to catch up to The Jungle Book's record.

Disney's dominance


Regardless of which movie leads the charts, it's a win for Disney. The top three animated movies globally are all from the legacy movie studio — Lion King followed by Frozen and the Incredibles 2.

Disney, which also owns Fox and Lucasfilm, is essentially in control of all of the biggest film franchises. And, that's the way it's going to stay something breaks up the massive conglomerate.

And even with The Jungle Book having done better in India, the country is still an important market for Lion King. The movie has made twice as much from its worldwide markets than it has domestically — $437.1 million at home versus $861.5 million from overseas.

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