Lok Sabha Election 2019 First Phase Notification

Lok Sabha Election 2019 First Phase Notification
On Monday, March 18, 2019, the Election Commission of India issued the Lok Sabha Election 2019 first phase notification. While the different political parties in India are vigorously working to grab their share of the seats across the 543 constituencies for the Parliament, the EC’s notification sets the formal tone for the first phase of Elections that will cover 91 Lok Sabha seats spread across 20 states and Union territories in the country.

The tenure of the present BJP Government in the state will end on June 3, 2019. Hence the Election Commission has announced the conduct of Lok Sabha Elections 2019 that will decide who will assume the power in the center for the next five years. In a notification issued on March 10, 2019, the EC has said that the polling for 2019 Lok Sabha Elections will happen in 7 phases starting on April 17, 2019 and ending on May 19, 2019. The votes all over the country will be counted on May 23 with the results declared on the same day.

Phase-1 notification highlights

As per the formal notification on phase-1 of 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, the polling will happen on April 11, 2019 in 91 constituencies.

Last date to file the nomination to contest in these constituencies will be March 25, 2019.


Nomination papers will be scrutinized on March 26, 2019.

Last date to withdraw the nomination is March 28, 2019

91 Constituencies that will go for polling during Phase-1

During phase-1 polling on April 11, 2019, all the 25 constituencies of Andhra Pradesh, 17 from Telangana, 8 in Uttar Pradesh, 7 in Maharashtra, 5 in Uttarakhand, 5 in Assam, 4 in Bihar, 4 in Odisha, 2 in Arunachal Pradesh, 2 in West Bengal, 2 in Jammu and Kashmir, 2 in Meghalaya, 1 in Chhattisgarh, 1 in Manipur, 1 in Mizoram, 1 in Nagaland, 1 in Sikkim, 1 in Tripura, and 1 in Andaman and Nicobar and Lakshadweep will go for polling.

2014 Lok sabha Elections results in the 91 constituencies

During 2014 Lok Sabha Elections, the BJP alliance bagged 52 seats out of the 91 seats going for polling on April 11, 2019 during the first phase of elections. The Congress led UPA could bag only 9 seats from this segment. Other parties won from 30 seats in total.

Assembly Elections

During phase-1 polling on April 11, 2019, the Election Commission is also conducting the Assembly Elections in some states clubbing them with the polling for the Lok Sabha. All the 175 assembly constituencies of Andhra Pradesh, all the 32 assembly constituencies of Sikkim, all the 60 assembly constituencies of Arunachal Pradesh, 28 out of the 147 assembly constituencies of Odisha will also go for polling on this day.

Aiming to continue in the Prime Minister’s seat also over the next five year term, Narendra Modi has this time launched a highly aggressive campaign. He has charged the opposition for coming together with the sole aim of seeing him out of power while he is diligently working forward to remove poverty, corruption and terrorism from the face of the country.