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McDonald's Has Opened A Mysterious New Cafe In Australia

McDonald's Has Opened A Mysterious New Cafe In Australia
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A McDonald's outlet in Australia just got a makeover, and it looks nothing like the Big Mac chain we know.

The store has been stripped of almost all visible affiliation with the Golden Arches, aside from the word "McCafe" displayed in small print underneath the store name, which has been changed to "The Corner."

Here's what the store looks like now:

The Corner by McCafeFacebook/The Corner by McCafe

The outlet wasn't a full service McDonald's prior to the changes. It was a McCafe shop, which is a chain of specialty coffee stores that the company has been operating globally since the 1990s. 

Here's what the store looked like before the changes. 

McCafe Australia Google Maps

We reached out to the company to find out whether all of Australia's McCafes will get a similar makeover. We'll update when we hear back.

The new store branding comes as McDonald's struggles to change its image amid declining sales. 

The company recently reported a global same-store sales drop of 2.2% for the month of November, compared to the same period last year. For the third quarter ending Sept. 30, global same-store sales fell 3.3%.

McDonald's has launched massive public relations campaigns in the US, Canada and Australia to answer customers' questions about the quality and nutritional value of its food.

The company is also now looking to hire an ad agency to help it better connect with millennials, The Wall Street Journal recently reported

The number of 19-to-21-year-olds visiting McDonald's once a month has fallen by 13% since 2011, according to food analysts Technomic cited in a Guardian article. Meanwhile, the number of 22-to-37-year-olds visiting has stagnated over the same time period.