Meet India’s first banking robot Lakshmi, which can answer your queries on more than 125 subjects

Meet India’s first banking robot Lakshmi, which can answer your queries on more than 125 subjectsIndia got its first banking robot- Lakshmi- in Chennai, which was launched by Kumbakonam-based City Union Bank.

Superfast Lakshmi is the first on-site bank helper and can answer on more than 125 subjects.

Lakshmi will answer questions on various questions on loans, bounced cheques, account balance, fixed deposit closure, etc,

"Apart from answering generic questions, we have also programmed it to connect to the core banking solution. If a customer wants to know his bank account details or transaction history, the robot can flash the answer on its display," said N Kamakodi, MD and CEO, City Union Bank.

Lakshmi, who speaks English, will also answer confidential information but not loudly. It will be displayed on her screen.


Interestingly, Lakshmi’s speech is quite relaxed and casual. "Since its artificial intelligence, the robot is constantly learning from customers - the more interactions it has with customers the better it gets," a bank executive told ET.

In case Lakshmi cannot answer your question, she will ask you to contact the bank manager.

“Today she can give real time updates of foreign exchange movement, current interest rates at banks for different asset classes like personal, educational, two-wheeler and home loans, possible charges on withdrawals or deposits. But going forward, she might be able to more than that," said its assembler Vijay V Shah of Coimbatore-based Vishnu Engineering.

Soon, she will also start speaking in Tamil.

Currently, the bank has readied only one version of Lakshmi and has plans for 25-30 robots deployed at key branches by the end of the year if Lakshmi proves a hit with customers.

It is worth mentioning HDFC Bank is also experimenting with robots to answer customer queries, is testing its humanoid at its innovation lab.

(Image: Indiatimes)