Microsoft Is Exploring A Last-Ditch Effort To Make Windows Phone Relevant: Android


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Business Insider

Microsoft has had serious trouble convincing developers to tailor their apps to its phones in a timely fashion.


It took three years for the insanely popular Instagram to make it to Windows. Short-lived viral sensation Flappy Bird never landed on Windows phones at all. It's hard for users to get excited about Microsoft's hardware when they won't be getting the apps they would see on other phones.

Well, Microsoft might be plotting a very interesting solution to this problem.

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Sources familiar with Microsoft's plan tell The Verge that the company is seriously considering allowing Android apps to run on Windows phones. Because most big developers now wisely release their apps for both Android and iOS simultaneously (or with Android on the way soon after), this would keep users connected to what they want without having to wait for developers.

Of course, some people at Microsoft think that this change would lead to the death of the Windows platform (Android couldn't save BlackBerry, after all), according to The Verge. But it could be the best way to make users take its hardware seriously.


The company has some time to mull it over. Realistically, Android couldn't possibly hit Windows - likely through a third-party enabler - until Windows 9 is ready in 2015.

For more analysis on this option, head over to The Verge.