Millennials, Twitter and Deutsche Bank: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW ON WALL STREET




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Millennials are a problem at work.

At least, that's what people are telling the Dallas Federal Reserve.

"The younger workers are often off task, engaged on social media, on the internet, texting on phones and other unproductive activities," one manufacturer told the Dallas Fed.


In related news, one of the top oil traders on Twitter deleted his account after being called a liar, and Carl Icahn announced a new position in hedge fund favorite Allergan Pharmaceuticals with a Tweet.

The departing Valeant CEO's separation agreement might make you choke up a little bit. Mike Pearson will get paid $83,333 a month for the rest of the year to "consult" for the company.

Nice work, if you can get it.

Emma Slatter, the head of strategy in the legal department at Deutsche Bank, is leaving the firm, according to a memo seen by Business Insider.

And here 5 former Goldman Sachs interns explain how to prepare for life on Wall Street.


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GOLDMAN SACHS: 5 practical uses for blockchain - from Airbnb to stock markets ?"Is the hype around blockchain justified?" asks Goldman Sachs in a blockbuster 88-page note sent to clients this week.

The answer to millennials' biggest money worry might have something to do with Candy Crush ? It's tough to be a millennial.


Chicago is back in contraction ?Business activity in Chicago is back in contraction.

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