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The best bath mat overall

The best bath mat overall
Why you'll love it: West Elm's Luxe Fibersoft Bath Mat is made from 100% organic long staple cotton from Turkey, and it's the softest most absorbent bath mat we've tried.

West Elm's new bath collection is all made from organic Turkish cotton that's soft and super absorbent, and its Luxe Fibersoft bath Mat is no exception. This bath mat is the softest and most absorbent of all the bath mats we've tried.

The mat is made from 100% organic long staple cotton from Turkey that's Oeko-Tex certified to be safe for your health and the environment. It has an 800-gram per square meter weight, so it feels like a fancy bathrobe from a high-end hotel.

Not only is West Elm's bath mat incredibly soft, but it also absorbs water from your feet very quickly. My feet are dry in seconds when I step out of the shower and onto this bath mat. Plus, the mat itself dries quickly so you don't have to worry about it staying sopping wet all day.

It's also machine washable and you can pop it in the dryer, though it's probably best to tumble dry on low or hang dry it to avoid any shrinking. It is cotton, after all.

The Fibersoft Bath Mat measures 20 by 34 inches, making it the perfect size for most bathrooms, and you can get it in a few colors, including navy blue, light blue, soft gray, white, and blush pink. We recommend going with the darker navy color, as it will hide any stains or discoloration better.

The only real downside here is the $39 price tag, but for organic cotton this soft and this absorbent, it's worth it to pay a bit more for a bath mat that will last. Additionally, West Elm frequently discounts its items, so you may be able to get a deal on this bath mat if you keep an eye out. — Malarie Gokey

Pros: Organic cotton, absorbent, 800-gram weight per square meter, soft, stylish

Cons: A bit expensive

Buy the Organic Luxe Fibrosoft Bath Mat at West Elm for $39

The best microfiber bath mat

The best microfiber bath mat
Why you'll love it: The Vdomus Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat absorbs moisture, dries quickly, won’t slip, and is built to last.

It’s one thing that the Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat is one of Vdomus’ best-sellers and another thing entirely that it tops the charts of Amazon’s best-selling bath mats overall. This bath mat covers all the bases with its soft, quick-drying material and anti-skid backing layer. Best of all, Vdomus covers its Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat with a satisfaction guarantee and full customer support team.

The chenille microfiber material of the Vdomus bathroom mat absorbs water to keep your floor dry and clean. Since the mat is made from thousands of individual shag microfibers, the mat also dries quickly after absorbing all that bathroom moisture. When bath mats skimp on the quick-dry function, mold and bacteria eventually develop, so the material starts to smell when it does eventually dry.

On the safety side, the Vdomus bath mat is backed with a non-skid latex layer so that it will grip any bathroom floor. Step out of the shower or tub without fear of sliding around or totally wiping out on your way to the towel rack.

Luckily, both the chenille microfiber and the anti-skid latex used in this bath mat are designed to be machine washable to get out stains and freshen up the mat after heavy use. Instructions suggest a cold laundry cycle in your washing machine and hanging it flat to dry. Best of all, there are various sizes and colors to choose from to match the size and décor of your bathroom.

Pros: Quick-dry, super absorbent, anti-skid backing

Cons: Synthetic microfiber isn’t a great choice for eco-conscious purchasers or those with skin allergies

Buy the Vdomus Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Mat on Amazon for $12.88

The best memory foam bath mat

The best memory foam bath mat
Why you'll love it: Magnificent's Large Soft Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat provides comfortable cushioning for your feet, while still absorbing moisture and drying quickly to keep your bathroom clean.

Magnificent’s alternative to chenille shag is this microfiber bath mat which is more soft and smooth over the surface than our other bath mat picks so far. The memory foam surface is supremely soft and cushions feet for a great feel that’s comforting and secure. Switching to smooth memory foam doesn’t mean that Magnificent’s bath mat gives up on what matters, though. The material is hypoallergenic, and it still absorbs water and moisture and dries quickly to keep your bathroom floor clean and tidy.

The Magnificent bath mat also includes a non-slip backing layer so you’ll feel secure when you step out of the bath or shower, and anyone with foot, leg, or back injuries opting for microfiber for extra comfort will have the added peace of mind of knowing that skids and slips are out of the question.

Magnificent’s smooth microfiber surface material is machine washable and promises to dry faster than other mats on the market. It also helps that without the shag threads to take care of, you can toss this bath mat in the dryer without having to worry about the integrity of the fabric. Even though the Magnificent non-slip memory foam bath mat is one of the most affordable options, it does come with a satisfaction guarantee to make sure you’re pleased with your purchase.

Pros: Memory foam is soft, smooth microfiber surface, easy to clean, affordable

Cons: May not dry as quickly or feel as plush as some mats

Buy the Magnificent Large Soft Non-Slip Memory Foam Bath Mat on Amazon for $13.99

The best cotton bath mat

The best cotton bath mat
Why you'll love it: TheLuxury Cotton Hotel-Spa Tub-Shower Bath Mat Set is made from completely natural cotton that feels great underfoot and adds a touch of classic style to your home décor.

Although advancements in textile technology make quick-drying, super-absorbent materials possible, sometimes there’s just no substitute for the feel of 100% natural cotton. This luxury cotton bath mat from Utopia Towels is made from 100% ring spun cotton, with no synthetic additions or harmful chemicals used in its manufacturing process. Eco-conscious buyers, rejoice!

The luxury cotton bath mat is machine washable since it is made of pure cotton, but Utopia suggests washing it separately on its first cycle in order to avoid a lot of lint. This particular product actually comes as a set of two mats, which are available in a variety of sizes. At less than $16 for the set, this is a great affordable option that leaves plenty of room for design choices through the mat’s classic style and its many color options.

Owning two matching bath mats will do a wonder for laundry stress, particularly in dorm rooms and small apartments when you need a bath mat now but don’t have time to do the laundry until the weekend. And since cotton is the classic bathroom towel material, you know that absorbency and natural non-slip grip will exceed expectations.

Pros: Environmentally-friendly ring spun cotton is soft, easy to clean, and totally natural

Cons: Without fancy quick-dry textile technology, cotton bath mats will take longer to dry out and probably won’t last as long under heavy use

Buy the Luxury Cotton Hotel-Spa Tub-Shower Bath Mat Floor Mat on Amazon for $17.99

The best bamboo bath mat

The best bamboo bath mat
Why you'll love it: The smooth texture of the InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat is a treat when you step out of the shower or tub.

When high-tech textiles and cloth bath mats just won’t cut it, there’s always bamboo. The advantages run from the smooth, sleek texture underfoot to the more modern, minimalist aesthetic that will keep your bathroom looking clean and dry. Although many wooden bath mats feature elevated construction to let moisture drip down and evaporate naturally, the InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat opts for a woven backing to keep the mat low to the floor without obstructing the arc of your bathroom door swinging open and closed.

The InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat features a non-stick backing layer, so you won’t slip and slide despite the smooth surface of the mat. The bamboo material dries quickly and keeps the product’s overall weight light and easy to move around. It is easy to clean and repels water well, according to user reviews. You can roll the mat up for quick storage, too.

InterDesign offers the mat in either mocha or natural bamboo colors, and there are five different sizes to choose from. With all the benefits of a textile floor mat wrapped up in the sleek look of bamboo and such an affordable price tag, it’s no wonder the InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat is an Amazon best-seller.

Pros: Affordability and aesthetics make this bamboo bath mat a no-brainer

Cons: Without adequate room to breathe and high-quality bamboo materials, this mat won’t last forever

Buy the InterDesign Bamboo Floor Mat on Amazon for $13.89